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I'M NOT VOTING FOR JARED POLIS And today I'm going to tell you why.  

HILLARY SAYS BILL DIDN'T TAKE ADVANTAGE OF MONICA And this proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Hillary is from a different time when bosses pressuring secretaries for sex was the secretaries fault.  It also demonstrates that her jumping on the #metoo bandwagon is totally for political purposes (as if there were any doubt).  Watch that part of the interview on CBS Sunday Morning by clicking here.

HEY EVERYBODY, ELIZABETH WARREN WANTS YOU TO KNOW SHE FOUND A NATIVE AMERICAN IN HER HERITAGE.  MAYBE.  Elizabeth Warren is running for President.  Sure she hasn't officially announced yet, but we all know she's running because she went to the trouble to find a dude who works in the field of genetics to affirm that her DNA tests strongly suggests she has AN ancestor who MIGHT be Native American six or 10 generations back.  This is what passes for "putting a story to rest" by Elizabeth Warren.  So pretty much she's got the same percentage of Native American blood that most of us do.  Which is almost none.  This column asserts what I believe, that Warren simply proved she was lying.

GOSNELL HAD A STRONG SHOWING THIS WEEKEND With it's per theater average better than some of the films that grossed more because they were in more theaters.  Did anyone see it?  

BEING TOO NICE COULD BE BAD FOR YOUR WALLET There is nothing surprising about this story.  You've heard nice guys finish last, but they may also finish broke.  People high on the "agreeableness" scale are more likely to declare bankruptcy.  Why?  Because money isn't that important to them.  Being agreeable is.  

THE BOTTOM 50% OF TAXPAYERS PAID JUST 3% IN TAXES This story reverses what I'd consider the lede here, which I made my headline.  Which is more accurate? Mine or theirs:

Top 3% of U.S. Taxpayers Paid Majority of Income Taxes in 2016

Hmmm?  The overarching story here is that the rich DO INDEED pay their "fair share" so let's retire that old trope, shall we?  

HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A GHOST?  If so, you're in good company as six in ten Americans say they have seen a ghost.  I've seen one.  

HARRY AND MEGHAN ARE PREGGERS Though this doesn't affect any of us one iota, it's still nice to share the news about the Royal couple.  I can't wait to see what this baby looks like.

CORY GARDNER WANTS TO LET BUSINESSES HELP EMPLOYEES PAY BACK STUDENT LOANS And though this isn't a bad idea, to let businesses make tax free payments on student loans, it does nothing to address the insane cost of college.  

THIS MOVIE IS BASED ON THE BOOK THAT SCARED THE ABSOLUTE CRAP OUT OF ME Stephen King's ending of Pet Cemetery was so scary I threw the book across the room into my closet when I read it.  This movie looks like it's going to do the same.  

WHY DID 9000+ FANS NOT SHOW UP FOR YESTERDAY'S GAME?  This is not supposed to happen in Broncos Country, but it did yesterday.  But honestly, when it's going to be 22 degrees and your team is not playing great football, staying home is a nice option.  

A NATIONAL $15 AN HOUR MINIMUM WAGE DOESN'T MAKE SENSE AND HERE'S A GRAPH TO EXPLAIN WHY Pew did a handy map of the buying power of $15 bucks and hour.  Outside the metro areas, a $15 minimum wage is insane because the cost of living simply doesn't support it.  In some areas, skilled professionals make $15 an hour.  Everyone should read this to understand why federalism is a better system than a centralized government making decisions for everyone based on urban clusters.  

YOU THOUGHT YOUR FAMILY DIDN'T GET ALONG This dude lost his leg after being run over by his son on a lawnmower after the old man tried to kill his son with a chainsaw.  

COULD ARKANSAS LEAD THE WAY ON MEDICAID REFORM?  Arkansas is struggling under the weight of Medicaid expansion so they passed some Medicaid work requirements for non-disabled adults without children.  The sky is falling, right?  Except it's not, and as other states begin to crumble under Medicaid expansion (including us here in Colorado) we need to be thinking about stuff like this.  Here are some facts about what Arkansas has already done.  

HARVARD MAY BE FORCED TO STOP DISCRIMINATING AGAINST ASIAN STUDENTS If that headline said "black students" instead of Asian students, it would be front page news, but it's not.  It's about students of Asian descent being systematically discriminated against for being too smart.  Now it's in court.  

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