Wednesday, nice to see you!

A CHORUS LINE IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE MUSICALS OF ALL TIME So when I saw that Inspire Creative was staging it at the PACE Center, I went to see it and it was FABULOUS!  I've got some of the cast on today at 3.  Buy your tickets by clicking here

LET'S TALK NEGATIVE MAILERS FOR A MOMENT I got an email from State Rep. Alexander "Skinny" Walker about a mailer sent to his district alleging that he spoke at a "white supremacist rally".  did he?  He's on at 2pm to discuss the truth of the matter.  

KRISTA KAFER WAS AS NEVER TRUMPY AS YOU COULD BE But she is back to the GOP after switching her party affiliation some time ago.  Why? The Kavanaugh confirmation.  Read her latest article here and she's on at 2:30 to discuss. 

WE GOT OUR NEW PUPPY TODAY! And as excited as I am about having a new dog after five years without one, I remember that having a new puppy is a lot like having a new baby.  Any advice from you dog owners out there?  

THE DEMOCRATS HAVE A VERY PREDICTABLE SCRIPT THESE DAYS And it goes like this: Democrats or their allies lose, Democrats or their allies begin to wreak havoc constantly with yelling, screaming and carrying on, Democrats run on a platform of "bringing civility back", and then promise to not yell scream and carry on once they are in power.  It happened with the DougCo school board, the JeffCo school board and now Hillary said exactly the same thing when she said this:

"You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about," Clinton told CNN's Christiane Amanpour. "That's why I believe, if we are fortunate enough to win back the House and or the Senate, that's when civility can start again."

Are you going to reward the Party of the Hissy Fit?  I sure hope not. Because this strategy must be destroyed and the only way to do that is to render it completely ineffective.  And this sort of attitude is going to get someone killed.  Just ask Rand Paul. Or Steve Scalise

WELL JOVAN MELTON MUST BE EXPELLED That's the new standard for Democrats, right?  Old accusations must be believed and whoever did the wrong doing must be held accountable now, right?  Two accusations of domestic violence in his past, plus accusations of harassment and bullying by a fellow lawmaker should do it, right?  We'll see what the Dems do with this one. 

I TRULY DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY ANYONE WOULD DO THIS And by this I mean go to a haunted house that is called a "psychological nightmare" and actually gave a man a heart attack.  It's in San Diego, but it could at my next door neighbor's house and I'm not going.  Please make me understand this part of the human psyche because I truly don't get it.


A GUY TRIES TO SELL HIS GIRLFRIEND ON EBAY AS A JOKE And ends up getting the bidding up to $119,000.  Which if I were her I'd throw in his face whenever he made a joke about me.  Good news, Ebay pulled down the offer and they had a good laugh about it. 

NEVER LET YOUR KID WEAR GREEN TO SCHOOL ON PICTURE DAY But if you do, have the same sense of humor this mom had.  

SUCKS TO BE THIS PILOT He says he accidentally ate a marijuana gummy candy and then he got drug tested and lost his job.  I am not at all sure I believe his story.  I shall explain if I have time.  Read it here.

A DUMB, DUMB YOUNG WOMAN LEFT HER JOB AFTER TWEETING ABOUT KILLING KAVANAUGH When a young teacher decided to tweet out the question of "so whose gonna take one for the team and kill Kavanaugh" I'm sure she thought it was a big joke.  It's not so funny now.  She resigned from her position with a Minnesota school district.  Frankly I'm more offended a teacher made such an egregious grammar error. 



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