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WHY SHOULD YOU CARE WHO IS ON THE CU BOARD OF REGENTS?  It's one of those things on the ballot that most people don't pay attention to, but I can't stress enough HOW IMPORTANT the CU Board of Regents is.  For all the talk of how liberal CU-Boulder is, they are actually very tolerant of opinions and speakers who may challenge the liberal dogma so prevalent at other campuses around the country.  A big part of that starts with the CU Board of Regents.  I'll have candidate Ken Montera on to talk about why having conservatives on the Board is so critical.  Find out more about Ken by visiting here.

UN SECRETARY NIKKI HALEY HAS RESIGNED!  And I did NOT see this coming and frankly I'm bummed.  She is exactly the sort of UN Ambassador I like and she's done a BANG UP job at the UN.  We'll have to see what happens as details emerge.  Read the story here.

THE BROMANCE IS ON BETWEEN JARED POLIS AND BERNIE SANDERS! This is the least surprising news of the day as Jared Polis is pretty much running for Governor on Bernie Sanders insanely expensive platform positions.  Now Bernie is coming to Colorado to campaign for Polis.  Considering our Democrats loved Bernie in 2016 this is sort of a big deal.  And nice that Bernie isn't holding Polis responsible for his role as a Hillary backing Super Delegate against him.  

FACEBOOK WANTS TO WATCH YOUR EVERY MOVE And it's super creepy and has re affirmed my decision to forego one of those home assistants with a camera.  Trying to compete with Google and Amazon, Facebook has rolled out it's own device, the Portal.  The big selling point for The Portal is that it's camera will follow you around the room while you chat with someone so you are always in frame.  There is nothing creepy or invasive about this at all.  Nothing.  I'm sure it will be fine.  

FOREIGNERS BELIEVE IN AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM MORE THAN OBAMA DOES And I can only use his past comments as my guide, but here they are.

It seems foreign investors are betting on what they are calling American exceptionalism, but not betting on what Obama called Greek exceptionalism.  The economy is roaring and foreign investors are putting their money right into it.  

THE PEOPLE FUNDING THE PROP 110 INITIATIVE ARE MOSTLY THOSE WHO WILL GAIN FROM IT And this is not surprising at all.  Construction companies who would be doing the building for this giant bond initiative are pouring money into it, real estate companies are putting in dough and visitor and convention companies are also advocating for it.  Just though you should know.  

WE PAY MORE FOR ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT BIRTHS THAN WE DO THE WALL And this is the kind of thing that makes people crazy.  The United States spent $2.4 BILLION in 2014 to pay for the births and immediate post natal care of illegal immigrant mothers and children.  In ONE YEAR.  But please keep telling everyone there is no money for the wall to control unfettered immigration.  

PROGRESSIVE POLICIES HAVE DESTROYED SAN FRANCISCO And every time I read articles like this one where everyone is ringing their hands and wondering what to do about the rampant drug use I honestly just roll my eyes.  The new mayor is saying this about how to deal with drug dealers taking over various parts of the city:

I asked Mayor London Breed about her plans to combat drug dealing. She gave a pretty unsatisfying answer, centering it around her workforce development team trying to offer them jobs.

“The goal is to say, ‘Hey, do you want an opportunity to do something where you can make just as much money?’” she said. “What I’m trying to do is offer some individuals who are selling drugs an alternative.”

And the best/worst part of this story is the man who has been mayor of San Fran for seven year is now on track to become Governor of California.  California, you get what you deserve.  

DID THE DEATH STAR JUST WASH UP ON A SOUTH CAROLINA BEACH?? That's what one resident guessed when a giant foam object washed up on shore.  Check it out here, it COULD be part of the Death Star! 

IF THE KAVANUGH CIRCUS BROUGHT KRISTA KAFER BACK TO THE GOP, THE DEMS ARE IN TROUBLE! My friend Krista Kafer is as Never Trumpy as you can get.  She left the GOP rather than support a man she finds repugnant.  But she's back.  Read this column to see why

JUSTICE RUTH BADER GINSBERG COMMENTS ON THE KAVANAUGH CIRCUS Jump to the :52 mark for her response to what the difference between her nomination and Kavanaugh's nomination.  Side note, she seems very frail to me.  

THE MEDIA HELPED KAVANAUGH AND SERIOUSLY HURT THEMSELVES If you've been paying attention to know the media embarrassed itself in it's zeal to "get" Brett Kavanaugh.  This column lays out the myriad of ways they damaged their own credibility while doing nothing of the sort to Kavanaugh.


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