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MY PAL GREG BROPHY IS ON TODAY AT 2PM TO TALK ABOUT AMENDMENT 75 And because Greg, as a former State Senator, has his finger on the pulse of pretty much every amendment, I'm sure we'll discuss those too.  Find out more about Amendment 75 by clicking here.

MY FRIEND ROSS KAMINSKY DID A REALLY GREAT VOTER GUIDE FOR THE AMENDMENTS He even tells you who to vote for if you're a libertarian leaning conservative.  Check it out here

NOW WE'RE JUST GETTING ABSURD WITH BRETT KAVANAUGH The New York Times over the weekend published another earth shattering expose on Brett Kavanaugh's college years.  We can just call this "IceGate".  It seems that when Kavanaugh was matriculating at Yale, he threw some ice on a dude in bar and the cops were called.  Was he arrested for assault with a chilly weapon?  No.  He wasn't arrested at all.  But this is what passes for serious journalism these days.  How else will the Times portray Kavanaugh as a brute straight out of bro culture?  

DEMOCRATS DECIDE THAT UNLESS THERE IS VIDEO, WOMEN ARE NOT TO BE BELIEVED AFTER ALL At least not when the man they are accusing is a former co-chair of the DNC and current candidate for Attorney General in Minnesota.  The Democrat party of Minnesota "investigated" claims that Keith Ellison physically abused his now ex-girlfriend two years ago and decided that the existence of medical records, text messages and other evidence, the abuse can not be substantiated because the victim won't release an alleged video tape of the actual abuse.  Read the whole sad story here.  I'm talking to my friend Andrew Lee from Twin Cities News Talk joins me at 1:35 to discuss this story. 

THIS IS WHY I SIMPLY CAN'T ASSOCIATE MYSELF WITH THE FEMINIST MOVEMENT Did you see this story about a Georgetown professor who tweeted out this:

Look at [this] chorus of entitled white men justifying a serial rapist’s arrogated entitlement.  All of them deserve miserable deaths while feminists laugh as they take their last gasps. Bonus: we castrate their corpses and feed them to swine? Yes.

This is what passes for great feminist thinking I guess.  I am not now, nor will I ever be a member of a group who hates men this much and says things we would all find deplorable if they were said about women.  Good news though, they did suspend her Twitter account, so I guess that's progress. 

I WONDER IF THE DEMS WHO BELIEVE ALL WOMEN BELIEVE JULIE SWETNICK Because I watched this entire interview with NBC and I think it's damn near impossible for a thinking person to believe that Brett Kavanaugh participated in "gang rape".  Watch it for yourself and decide


BRITISH YOUTH ARE REBELLING WITH...TEA?  It's true, young Brits are snubbing English tea in favor of herbal tea.  Which is just crazy because British tea is delicious and herbal tea tastes like grass clippings.

WHY DOESN'T JUANITA BROADDRICK GET THE RESPECT SHE DESERVES?  This is a woman who has been consistently making the same accusation of rape against Bill Clinton for forty years.  An accusation with corroboration, by the way.  No she has asked the person who started a GoFundMe account on her behalf to shut it down, lest someone think that she's been trying to get justice for personal gain.  

WOW, TRUMP IS ACTUALLY GETTING CREDIT FOR STUFF HE'S DONE This Axios.com article lays out Trump's accomplishments and discusses why he keeps winning.  It's fascinating because Axios.com is not necessarily friendly to Republicans.  Maybe they are starting to understand. 

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