More Settled Science is Hot Garbage.

MICHELLE OBAMA GOT DUPED AND OUR KIDS ARE SUFFERING When Michelle Obama spearheaded the Smarter Lunchroom initiative many stood up and cheered because a "scientific" approach was used to create a program that would get kids to eat more fruits and vegetables.  Now that "science" has been removed from the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association because a whole bunch of questions have popped up and mistakes have been found in the "science" used to create the programs.  What makes this more interesting to me is that JAMA is a peer-reviewed journal.  Which means six articles were published and "peer reviewed" with many, many mistakes and odd assumptions.  So what does peer reviewed even mean?  More importantly, what is it worth?  I'm leaning towards very little right now. 

WE'LL SEE IF THIS DAME SHOWS UP TO TESTIFY Because now her attorney is sending more letters spewing more garbage and I'm sick of this drama already so can we just binge watch it instead? 

THE KAVANAUGH ATTACKS ARE FEMINISM AT IT'S WORST So says Heather MacDonald in this new column today.  I've got Heather on at 2 to discuss it.  Read the column here.  Heather's new book The Diversity Delusion can be found here

NOTE TO SELF: DON'T ORDER PIZZA AT COMERICA PARK Because an employee has been fired after a video of him spitting into a pizza was released on Instagram.  Interestingly, the employee who shot and posted the video was fired too.  Perhaps because he should have been more invested in preventing this tainted pie from reaching the customer rather than filming and posting this video, don't you think?  

IS THIS LETTER ABOUT SISSIES FROM KAVANAUGH'S ACCUSER?  If so, it tells us a lot about this woman's psyche.  Read it here

I GET EMAILS And this one from Joe does a really nice job of breaking down the new FBI crime stats.  Here it is, with the links included for your convenience.

This morning, the FBI released its annual Uniform Crime report for 2017.

Of note in this year's report is the following:

In 2017, the US population increased by 2,380,000

27 million new guns were sold in this country in 2016 and more than 15 million new guns were sold in 2017 for a total increase in guns of more than 42 MILLION units

Despite these increases in both the number of guns & people, the total number of murders from 2016 to 2017 rose by just 100 from 15,028 to 15,128 (0.6%) and the number of gun homicides rose by just 12 from 10,970 to 10,982 (0.1%). This insignificant increase in gun homicides proves that the often repeated liberal claim that "More guns = More gun deaths" is a lie.

Justifiable homicides by private citizens rose 5% from 337 in 2016 to 353 in 2017.

Of the total 10,982 gun homicides in 2017, only 403 (3.7%) were committed with rifles (of all types, including so called "assault weapons") whereas knives and other sharp weapons accounted for 1,591 deaths and 696 people were beaten or choked to death.

For those homicides where the race of the victim was known/reported (13,044) black victims (7,851) accounted for 60.2% of the total even though they represent only 12.5% of the general population.

For those homicides where the race of the assailant was known (11,883) , black assailants (6,444) accounted for 54.2% of those homicides. Despite TOTAL US homicides being up by just 0.6%, this figure of 6,444 is up 7.4% of the 2016 figure of 6,095 indicating that the issue of black on black crime is not getting any better in this country and appears to be getting worse.

  • Nationally, the US Homicide rate (all weapons & causes) is 4.7 per 100,000, no change from 2016.
  • The gun homicide rate is just 3.4 per 100,000 and 67% of those homicides occurred in just 3% of US counties and 70% of US counties recorded no gun homicides in 2017. If you don't live in one of those 3% Counties (Cities), you are safer living in the US than almost every other country in the world. ( Violent Crime - Table 6 ( )
  • The top deadliest cities in the US have an average homicide rate 30.7 per 100,000, more than 6 times the national average.
  • These ten cities represent just 2.2% of the US population but accounted for 14.2% of all homicides
  • St. Louis was the deadliest city in the US with a homicide rate of 66.1 per 100,000
  • Baltimore was # 2 at 55.8 followed closely by Detroit & New Orleans, both at 39 per 100,000
  • By comparison, Denver came in at 8.35, Colorado Springs at 6.13 and (surprise) New York City came in at 3.39, well below the National average.


THIS STUDY IS OBVIOUSLY WRONG BECAUSE IT SHOWS BOYS AND GIRLS ARE DIFFERENT And in this case, girls are better at reading and writing than boys in grade school.  I KNOW, RIGHT??? This is obviously some sort of wizardry that can't be correct because there is no difference between the sexes unless you are born the wrong gender in which case there is.  Phew, it's so hard to keep this all straight. 

IN CALIFORNIA PARENTAL RIGHTS AREN'T AS IMPORTANT AS THE TRANSGENDER MAFIA Because California just passed a law allowing children 12 and older to privately seek treatment to begin gender transitioning without parental consent.  To use a simple comparison, you must be 18 in California to get a tattoo.  But you can begin the process towards permanent body mutilation that you will more than likely grow out of without telling your parents.  Way to go California!  

THE WHOLE CHOOSE-YOUR-OWN-GENDER THING HAS GONE MAINSTREAM In this critique of a piece on a gay couple of guys who were allowing their 3 year old to decide her/his/its gender you begin to see quite clearly how insane this is.  But I have a question.  Haven't we been told that gay people are born gay?  So why do these two gay men think gender is a choice?  Or am I late to the what-causes-the-gay conversation.  If they can't choose to be straight, why in the world would they think a toddler can CHOOSE biological gender?  

GMO MOSQUITOES COULD WIPE OUT MALARIA Which to us here in the US isn't a super big deal, but it still kills over a million people a year worldwide.  Now scientists may have found a way to wipe out malaria carrying mosquitoes by messing with their genes.  This is cool, but I can't help wonder about unintended consequences up the food chain.  

LET'S IMAGINE IF THIS WERE HILLARY BEING FORCED OUT OF A RESTAURANT But alas, this was just Ted Cruz being harassed by tolerant members of the Progressive Left.

DEMOCRAT SENATOR ON RECORD AS SAYING KAVANAUGH IS GUILTY UNLESS HE PROVES INNOCENCE I personally think this man should be expelled from the Senate for saying something so stupid, but I'm sure Senator Chris Coons got high fives from other members of the Senate

BUT THAT'S WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU'RE LIVING 1984 You really need to read this column if you've ever read the George Orwell novel.  And if you haven't read the George Orwell novel read this column and then immediately read the novel.  

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