A New Woman with Super Dodgy Memory Comes Out

A NEW WOMAN IS OUT WITH SUPER FUZZY ACCUSATIONS And this is simply nuts.  News media outlets like the New York Times and ABC News have come out quite forcefully to question the account of the newest Brett Kavanaugh accuser.  The New York Times says they spoke to "dozens" of Deborah Ramirez' classmates trying to corroborate her story and were unable to come up with ANYONE with first hand knowledge of the party where she says Brett Kavanaugh dropped his pants and pulled a Clinton.  Ramirez admits she was extremely drunk and has not mentioned this before now because her memory for 35 years has been very fuzzy, but NOW it's clear and Kavanaugh is horrible.  From the New Yorker article:

She was at first hesitant to speak publicly, partly because her memories contained gaps because she had been drinking at the time of the alleged incident. In her initial conversations with The New Yorker, she was reluctant to characterize Kavanaugh’s role in the alleged incident with certainty. After six days of carefully assessing her memories and consulting with her attorney, Ramirez said that she felt confident enough of her recollections to say that she remembers Kavanaugh had exposed himself at a drunken dormitory party, thrust his penis in her face, and caused her to touch it without her consent as she pushed him away. 

Got that?  Her memory contained "gaps" that I'm only guessing her lawyer filled in for her to provide her the "certainty" she now has about this event no one else can corroborate.  Democrats should genuinely be ashamed of themselves on this one.  Senator Michael Bennett is all over this, by the way, as his office helped Colorado resident Ramirez get the ball rolling on her account.  Even Ms. Ramirez's close friends say this event did not happen.  But please, let's use it to destroy a good man over Merrick Garland.

EVEN ORRIN HATCH IS DONE WITH THIS NONSENSE And he published a scathing statement attacking Democrats for crapping all over the proper procedure and calling them out for the ridiculous way they are trying to destroy Kavanaugh over politics.  Read it here

MICHAEL AVENATTI IS A SCUMBAG WITH A STUPID STORY But I'm hoping that his new story about Brett Kavanaugh is JUST ENOUGH to push rational thinking Democrats into the realization that the people they support and elect are just making sh*t up about Kavanaugh in a desperate attempt to stop his nomination.  If you believe Avenatti's story you are as dumb as the people who believed Hillary Clinton was running a pedophile ring out of a pizza place.  

I HOPE THEY FIND THESE POACHERS AND SHOOT THEM Of course I mean shoot a mug shot of them, what did you think I meant?  Two huge elk have been killed IN Rocky Mountain National Park.  What kind of coward who probably has a small unit does this?  I hope they go to prison.  For real.  

IF SOCIALISM IS SO GREAT WHY IS FRANCE TRYING TO UNDO IT?  And if you don't think "making work pay again" isn't code for "being more capitalistic" you're not paying attention.  President of France Emmanuel Macron has seen his popularity slide as he's trying to get people off the dole and back to work.  Read this, especially this part:

Part of the problem now is that he has less room for maneuver. Growth in France has slowed sharply, making it tougher to meet deficit-reduction targets without spending cuts. Meantime, Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire is trying to promote the upside.

“My objective is to create French prosperity that is no longer built on public spending but on the prosperity of businesses and creating jobs,” he said on French radio Europe 1 this month.

Huh, sounds like he's trying to get private industry going again.  I wonder why?  

EXCESSIVE ALCOHOL USE KILLED THREE MILLION PEOPLE LAST YEAR That's quite the headline, but that's what the World Health Organization says.  The people with the biggest issue with booze live in Europe, but we are a close second.  I am interested to see what happens to alcohol use in the US as pot is legalized in more states.  I think it will actually decline, although we will always have people who continue to abuse alcohol.  I'm waiting for the WHO to release how many people died from overuse of weed last year.  

HERE'S HOPING MICHAEL MOORE IS OVER NOW His new movie tanked at the box office this weekend.  Christian Toto shared this ridiculous review/fawning article about whether or not he's over, but put me in the I-never-want-to-hear-from-him-again category. 

ALPACA A BUTT KICKIN' IF YOU COME AFTER MY BABY Just as an alpaca in a Washington zoo did when a cougar tried to steal her baby.  The baby survived, btw.

DEAR DENVER POST, ARE TEN PROTESTERS WORTH A NEWS STORY? If you want to know where a news media leans, simply watch the stories they cover.  Is it news when ten...TEN people show up to protest in favor of Prop 112?  I say no, but the Denver Post did quite the long write up about it.  The intrepid reporter even found a homeowner with solar panels who seemed to support the idea.  By the way, the "protesters" were trying to get into a Democrat fundraiser.  They should have written a check and walked in instead.  

ROD ROSENSTEIN GOT FIRED QUIT WAS THINKING OF QUITTING RESIGNED IS STAYING I'm beginning to think Trump is doing this just for fun.  This morning, the news broke that Asst AG Rod Rosenstein offered to resign after leaks said he said he was thinking about recording Trump.  But then, all hell broke loose as media outlet after media outlet tried to get the story right-ish.  Read this whole thread and then know that Rod Rosenstein is currently at regularly scheduled meetings as part of his job he's still doing.  Could Trump be leaking out garbage just so the news media will demonstrate it's untrustworthiness over and over again?  

MAGNUM P.I. IS BACK TONIGHT.  BUT NOT WITH TOM SELLECK SO BOOOOOOO.  I'll admit that I'm going to watch the reboot of Magnum P.I. BUT I WON'T LIKE IT.  As self proclaimed president of the Tom Selleck Fan Club, I can't allow my heart to be swayed by this impostor.  

NOW, HERE'S MY FAVORITE STORY OF THE MONTH As an Indiana man pulls a gun on another man in an argument over who sang a Bruno Mars song.  No word on which song the men were arguing about. 

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