Well Hello, Friday, You Handsome Devil

KRIS OLYERS FROM STEAMWORK BREWING COMPANY IS ON TODAY AT 3 He's giving us an overview of the Great American Beer Festival which started last night.  

A MOM WAS ARRESTED FOR TAKING AWAY HER TEEN'S PHONE It's true, deputies handcuffed a mom who took away her 15 year old daughter's Iphone because the girl got in trouble at school.  Of course there is an added wrinkle in that the ex-husband called the police because he says he owned the phone that was "stolen".  There is so much wrong here.  If you're going to be divorced, don't do douchey things like this your ex, even if they are horrible people.  

A FRIEND OF MINE JUST FOUND OUT HE'S GONNA BE A DADDY FOR THE FIRST TIME! And frankly, I love any excuse to do a topic like this one, so let's lay down the answer to this question:  what do you wish you could have understood before you had kids?  Let's help this dad-to-be out!  

WHAT WOULD YOU UPLOAD IF YOU HAD THE CHANCE?  Scientists say they have figured out a way to "upload" information directly into your brain.  If you could have something uploaded, what would it be?  

IF YOU TOOK THIS TEST IN THE 1960'S YOU COULD BE HELPING UNDERSTAND DEMENTIA This is really cool.  In 1964 over 400,000 teens took a test that measured all sorts of things like personality and skill sets.  Now those tests are being used to identify people at risk for dementia early in life.  This whole thing is really cool, read the article here

DEAR GROOMS, THIS IS A BIG RED FLAG TO RECONSIDER YOUR CHOICE I don't know of any Groomzilla's yet, but this Bridezilla thing is getting out of control.  Look at this stupid nonsense sent out by a "wedding coordinator" for a couple with the list of "rules and regulations" on the big day.   I would probably purposely break every single one of these things just because.  

MY SEXY CAFETERIA WORKER OUTFIT WILL SURELY SHOW THIS UP A new "Sexy Handmaid's Tale" costume has created quite the kerfuffle.  I'm not sure why, as we've managed to slut up Halloween with every sort of stupid "sexy" costume for anything.  Just wait until you see me in my sensible shoes and garters.  

HIGH FASHION HAS DONE THE STUPID AGAIN You may remember the idiocy of the pre dirtied jeans, and now you can pair them with your pre-dirtied AND taped Dad shoes.  For $530.  Guffaw.  If you buy these we can't be friends.  


IF YOU'RE THINKING ABOUT JOINING US ON THE CRUISE TO GREECE YOU BETTER DO IT TODAY Because we've only got FIVE cabins left!  Call 800-383-3131 or watch this:

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