Hey Thursday, Whatcha Got?

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A GUY GETS HIS CONVICTION OVERTURNED BECAUSE A DOG TURNED UP ALIVE A man was convicted of sexual assault always said he was innocent.  The victim said he abused her and then shot her dog to keep her quiet.  But the dog turned up very much alive, and the conviction was overturned.  Something to note is the woman lied about this man shooting her dog.  People lie and other people suffer.  

A FORMER CLASSMATE OF DR. FORD'S SAYS SHE DOESN'T KNOW IF DR. FORD IS TELLING THE TRUTH But honestly, the letter she published shows her incredible bias anyway.  She says the "whole school" was talking about it, but if that's true, why is she the ONLY one to remember the "whole school" talking about it?  

HEY LOOK AT THIS, JOBLESS CLAIMS ARE AT A 49 YEAR LOW!  But don't expect this to get as much play from Jake Tapper as Donald Trump's unit did. 


IS THERE EVIDENCE THAT WILL 100% EXONERATE BRETT KAVANAUGH?  The rumor mill is swirling as a very reliable guy Ed Whelan tweeted out that such evidence does exist.  Does it?  As DC Turns continues....

A PROFESSOR'S BIAS ABOUT ISRAEL PREVENTS SOMEONE LEARNING IN ISRAEL And the notion that an "academic boycott" of Israeli educational establishments is a good idea on any level is just...well...dumb.  A professor at the University of Michigan agreed to write a recommendation letter for a student for an overseas exchange program.  That is until he learned the intended destination is Tel Aviv University.  He then rescinded his offer.  Now it's on the internet and it's a thing.  

CORY BOOKER ONCE FELT UP A WOMAN IN HIGH SCHOOL And the only reason I bring this up is to demonstrate how much stuff like this happens in high school. Just as it would be insane for me to say Senator Cory Booker should be banished from the Senate over these past transgressions, it's equally stupid for him to say Kavanaugh's nomination should be delayed because of the unproven accusations against him.

CHEVY CHASE IS SUPER CRABBY And he doesn't like SNL, can't stand young people and is generally unhappy about pretty much everything these days.  By the way, he's 100% right about SNL. 

I WAS GONNA READ THIS ARTICLE BUT WAS TOO LAZY Because it says we're hard wired for laziness

SURE, INVESTIGATE AWAY, BUT DO YOU REALLY THINK ANYONE WILL GET FIRED?  If Lois Lerner didn't get fired, there is no way these low level employees at the DoJ or State Department will get fired, but at least the latest Project Veritas stuff is getting investigated.   

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