Fix Our Damn Roads and Stuff

WHAT? YOU WANT TO GO TO GREECE?  THEN GO WITH ME!  We are booking a very limited number of cabins on our next Mandy Connell show Cruise!  This one is EPIC.  Call 1-800-383-3131 to get a brochure today.  And watch this video Chuck and I made.  

IF YOU WANT COLORADO TO FIX OUR DAMN ROADS LISTEN UP AT 1:35 Because our friend Jon Caldara from the Independence Institute is on to talk about the Fix Our Damn Roads Amendment, also known as Prop 109.  It's on the ballot and Jon is on to discuss what it does and how it works.  Find out more about it here.

SO THE EMMYS WERE LAST NIGHT AND NO ONE WATCHED AGAIN The Emmys were on and even though two of my fave actresses from two of my fave shows won, I was not at all tempted to watch.  And apparently neither were you.  The line that seems to be getting the most attention was about Jesus.  And Republicans.  And I think it was totally racist.  It starts at about the 1:20 mark. You really don't have to watch the rest of it.  It's not really worth your time.  

DOES IT MATTER THAT THERE REALLY IS A DEEP STATE WORKING AGAINST TRUMP?  Project Veritas is at it again, this time with an undercover video of a State Department employee who gleefully shares how he wastes our tax dollars working on company time for the Democratic Socialists of America.  But does this even matter?  For Trump supporters, this is just going to confirm what they already know to be true.  For Trump Haters, they will cheer this man's efforts to undermine the POTUS they hate so much.  So what does it mean?  Nothing.   But you can check it out here

THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE INDICTMENT OF AMERICAN K-12 EDUCATION When I went to college, about 20% of college students required some remediation in reading, writing or math.  Now that number is between 40% and 60%!!! That's insane.  Remedial courses do NOT count towards your credits for graduation so they are just a pure money maker/taker for universities and students.  And why do  students need to remediated?  Because we've dumbed down K-12 so very much while inflating grades at the same time.  

COULD A SPIT TEST TELL YOU IF YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE A HEART ATTACK?  Docs in the UK say yes, as they've developed a new genetic test that can tell you if you are genetically more likely to develop high blood pressure that could lead to a heart attack or stroke.  This is kinda cool

I LOVE PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE NEIGHBORHOOD ACTION And this is something I would do if my neighborhood was overrun by drug dealers and druggies.  We'll see if this police-shaming technique is successful.  

YES, BERT AND ERNIE ARE GAY.  NO, YOU STILL NEED NOT CARE.  Bert and Ernie have been roommates since their debut on Sesame Street decades ago.  With their not-quite-matchy-but-matchy outfits, how could people have not known they were gay?  But unless Sesame Street is going to show them getting it on, does this matter?  The short and long answer is no.  

AN 85 YEAR OLD DUDE BEAT UP THREE YOUNG RUFFIANS It happened at an off track betting parlor in Ireland and it's pretty much amazing.  


I WONDER IF THE NEA PAID TIME FOR THIS BIT OF ADVERTISING Did you see the super sad cover of Time magazine about the woman who has to donate plasma just to make ends meet as a teacher?  The story has been updated to reflect that she makes $55,000 a year and lives in Versailles, Kentucky.  The median home price in Versailles is $278,000.  Hardly a pauper's wage in that market, but don't let that get in the way of a good sob story.  Read the fine response to this claptrap article in 

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