Presidents and Baseball and Beer, Oh My!

US PRESIDENTS GO WAY BACK WITH BASEBALL and I've got Curt Smith on about his new book The Presidents and the Pastime about that long relationship.  He's on at 3pm to discuss it, pick it up in time for the playoffs by clicking here

THE GREAT AMERICAN BEER FESTIVAL IS COMING!  And I'm talking to Everett Gardner today about his experiences working on the Competition Team.  He's on at 1:35. There are still tickets left for Thursday as of now, buy them here

WHO DIDN'T SEE THIS SITUATION COMING?  The very first female infantry person in the 1st Battalion, 8th Marines at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina is being "separated" from the Marines.  Why?  Fraternization with a lower ranked troop member.  Wow.  This is my shocked face.  

WHO DIDN'T SEE THIS SITUATION COMING, PART 2? When I was a flight attendant, dogs and pets were not allowed in the cabin.  Only exception?  Lassie.  Who by the way wasn't very friendly.  Now it's a veritable Noah's Arc when you travel and someone FINALLY bothered to survey flight attendants about what havoc this has created.  And it's exactly what you think.  Pets in the cabin are not good.  

DAVE IS RANTING ABOUT LIBRARY FINES TODAY Because the Denver Public Library is doing away with late fines.  I happen to agree with him but I'll let him share it with you.  Read the article that sparked his wrath.  


FIRST THEY CAME FOR THE JEWS, AND NOW THE ASIANS And of course I'm looking at you Harvard University.  I've talked several times about the discrimination against Asian students at Harvard, where students are PENALIZED  for being high achieving students of Asian descent.  Now we know that this is old news at Harvard, but it used to be Jews they wanted to cap.  

DIANNE FEINSTEIN WILL BE THE DEATH OF THE #METOO MOVEMENT When she does crap like she did by trying to smear Brett Kavanaugh with some shady "anonymous" accusations from when he was in high school.  Accusations he completely denies, btw.  When you let a rather dodgy accusation like this be used in a completely political manner, you undermine the real victims in the real situations.  

AT LEAST THE NEW YORK TIMES CORRECTED THIS BIT OF FAKE NEWS Read the Editor's Note that has been placed ABOVE the story that ran criticizing Nikki Haley for spending money on curtains at the UN Ambassador's residence:

Editors’ Note: September 14, 2018

An earlier version of this article and headline created an unfair impression about who was responsible for the purchase in question. While Nikki R. Haley is the current ambassador to the United Nations, the decision on leasing the ambassador’s residence and purchasing the curtains was made during the Obama administration, according to current and former officials. The article should not have focused on Ms. Haley, nor should a picture of her have been used. The article and headline have now been edited to reflect those concerns, and the picture has been removed.

But other than that, we stand by our story.  Read the whole story here and you can almost smell the crow the Times is cooking up right about now. 

AND NOW, YOUR REMINDER THAT PRICE GOUGING IS GOOD AFTER AN EMERGENCY And you don't even have to believe me, you can read a perfect explanation of it here

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