Have Restaurants Gone to the Dogs?


To: Connell, Mandy

Subject: Dog in Public Places



I would like to hear a discussion about Dogs in public places, especially where there is food.  What about people who are allergic to dogs?  Where have their rights gone?  I love dogs, but they have a place.  Every where I go dogs, dogs, dogs, restaurants, Costco, grocery stores, retail.  I have been at Lowes and Home Depot when I couldn't get down the isle because dogs were blocking it.  Sometimes not one but two.

The restaurants I was at tonight there were two dogs, a Great Perinese(sic) and a Bernese Mountain Dog.  Even though they said they were service dogs, I can tell you it was not they way there were playing.  If it is a service dog, they need papers and a vest.

If it is allowed in where there is food, they need papers and a vest!

Thank you for your input.

We shall discuss for sure today.

I GOT AN EMAIL ABOUT FRACKING And the author, who wishes to remain anonymous, said I could share it.  

I am a environmentalist in oil and gas. I would like to stay anonymous for my company's sake. My job is to go around to oil and gas sites and use a FLIR camera to find gas leaks. I am also certified to use a FLIR camera unlike most activists. I can tell you that we stop a lighter size of a gas leak the second we find it. We will stop production to fix any problem we find. I live 5 days a week on oil and gas sites and I want them to be safe for me to be on which in turn makes them safe for anyone around them. I have nothing against find renewable energy but until we can do that without petroleum why would we stop producing it. The problem with solar and wind power is that everything that is made to harness that as a power source, you need petroleum to make it. But petroleum isn't just for energy it also is how we make plastics for cellphones, vehicle panels, Starbucks cups, etc. Its also in anything rubber and it's a lubricant for machinery that makes clothes and metal products. Petroleum is used for almost everything we use and buy in this world. You can't make any items out of solar and wind, so even if we use them for energy we still need Petroleum for everything else. And as for your caller today about oil and gas ruining the landscape, what happens when open lands get turned into shopping centers or office buildings and go out of business. That eye sore sits there for ever. When were done with an oil and gas site we remove the equipment and reclaim the land to where you would never of known there was a site there, so which is more of a hazard to the land. That whole conversation about living in California and Colorado proves that she needs to use petroleum to get her back and forth between her 2 house, which also used petroleum to make too. I'm sorry for ranting but I needed to get that off my chest. I love this state and I want to protect it too but so does the oil and gas community which the opposing side refuses to see.

Just thought you might want to hear from someone who knows stuff.

KIDS RUIN EVERYTHING.  NOW THEY'VE RUINED VAPING E-Cigarettes are under attack by the FDA.  The nicotine delivery systems are being told they have to come up with a plan to combat the "epidemic use" by teens they may be told to cease and desist sales.  What?  The FDA is considering banning e-cigs because kids are using them illegally?  I sure hope they outlaw sex too, because I'm pretty sure some of them are doing that.  I get that kids are using these things like crazy.  My question is: where the heck are teens getting the cash to buy these things.  

AMERICANS REALLY DON'T TRUST THE MEDIA And the only thing I find remarkable about this survey is that somewhere there are 4% of the population who trust the media MORE in the last ten years.  Who are these rubes?  And can I sell them a bridge in Brooklyn?  Read the numbers here, but I can't imagine you'd be surprised.  

MIDDLE CLASS INCOME HIT ALL TIME HIGHS!  THANKS, OBAMA*  This is good news!  Middle Class incomes hit a record high $61,000 last year.  It's going to fun watching Democrats continue to tell people that things are awful when people aren't necessarily feeling that way.  Oh, and the poverty rate dropped too. 


*Thanks Obama is an entirely sarcastic reference to the former POTUS trying to tell Americans that he is responsible for this economy. 

REMEMBER THAT TIME THE TEA PARTY TRIED TO BRIBE A SITTING SENATOR?  Oh, my bad, that never happened, but lookie here at this group of Democrats trying to bribe Senator Susan Collins!  A progressive group out of Maine crowdfund raised over a million bucks to bribe the Senator.  They told her that the money was hers to campaign with if she voted no on Kavanaugh, but if she voted yes, they'd spend it on her opponent.  Fascinating, h

WE'RE NUMBER 1!  WE'RE NUMBER 1! The good ol US of A is now the world's largest producer of crude oil.  TAKE THAT, OPEC. 

HURRICANE FLORENCE IS GOING TO BE REALLY BAD.  THANKS, TRUMP!* If you have friends or family in the path of this storm please urge them to get the heck out of the way.  It's going to be very, very bad.  I know people who had to seek treatment for PTSD because the decided to "ride out" Hurricane Andrew.  And thankfully, we have the WashPo to tell us that this killer storm is Trump's fault.  Seriously.  They said that.  

*Thanks Trump is an entirely sarcastic reference to the aforementioned news editorial which blames Florence in Trump. 

REP. JARED POLIS IS ALL IN FOR SINGLE PAYER HEALTHCARE Costs be DAMNED, amiright?? He's already invested in a medical tourism company ANYWAY, so why not inspire more Coloradoans to use it by forcing single payer on them?  

I THINK I HAD THESE COACHES Which may explain my aversion to team sports. 

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