Let's Talk Oil, Gas and Dogs. Not at the Same Time.

SO JUST WHAT WILL THESE ANTI-FRACKING INITIATIVES DO TO COLORADO?  I've got Simon Lomax on the show to discuss it at 2.  Find out more about why you should consider opposing it here.  Here is just one article telling Coloradans what a disaster this would be for our economy.  

THIS WHOLE DOGS IN RESTAURANTS THING HAS GONE A BIT FAR And I got an email last night about it:

To: Connell, Mandy

Subject: Dog in Public Places



I would like to hear a discussion about Dogs in public places, especially where there is food.  What about people who are allergic to dogs?  Where have their rights gone?  I love dogs, but they have a place.  Every where I go dogs, dogs, dogs, restaurants, Costco, grocery stores, retail.  I have been at Lowes and Home Depot when I couldn't get down the isle because dogs were blocking it.  Sometimes not one but two.

The restaurants I was at tonight there were two dogs, a Great Perinese(sic) and a Bernese Mountain Dog.  Even though they said they were service dogs, I can tell you it was not they way there were playing.  If it is a service dog, they need papers and a vest.

If it is allowed in where there is food, they need papers and a vest!

Thank you for your input.

We shall discuss!  

THIS IS A VERY INTERESTING DISCUSSION ON WHY INDIANS ARE POOR And if you pay attention to what the government does to "help" Native Americans, this will not surprise you.  It's all about property rights.

THIS IS BAD NEWS FOR THE DURANGO-SILVERTON RAILROAD Although I'm not sure this lawsuit has legs, it's going to be expensive to defend against.  A group in Durango is suing over the 416 fire they say was caused not only by a spark from the train, but was allowed to spread because the firefighters hired by the railroad were inexperienced and unable to get the fire under control quickly.  I hope they can work this out and not put the railroad out of business.  


MARTINA NAVRATILOVA AGREES THAT SERENA BEHAVED BADLY And I think she answers the criticism about men being treated differently than men perfectly. 

JARED POLIS DIDN'T MAKE THE CLUB 20 DEBATE TO CAMPAIGN IN GREELEY There was a gasp across the Western Slope when Jared Polis decided to blow off the Club 20 debate that is a tradition for Colorado politicians.  I read in the media earlier that he couldn't make it because of a family commitment.  But it seems he was actually just in Greeley, campaigning for a City Council member.  Huh.  Imagine that being more important than addressing the questions of a 20 county coalition of Western Slope folks.  Sounds a lot like the issues we've had getting him on the show.  I shall explain today.  

SMALL BUSINESS OPTIMISM IS SOARING.  THANKS, OBAMA* The latest surveys are showing something amazing.  Small business optimism is higher than is was during the Reagan years.  Which is weird because Democrats want us to believe that things are falling apart.  Weird.  

*This was complete sarcasm based on the pathetic attempts by our former POTUS to take credit for the booming economy of President Trump.  

SOCIAL JUSTICE IS APPARENTLY NOT A GOOD HOOK FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS THESE DAYS As Evergreen College, the intolerant Ground Zero for Social Justice Warriors is finding out these days.  Freshman enrollment has dropped a whopping 50%.   What did they expect, really?  Kids may want to hear an opposing viewpoint on occasion, and they know they can't do that at Evergreen.  I wish them well but if I worked there I'd be seriously looking for other work.  Colleges can go under, as Bernie Sanders wife Jane demonstrated so well recently.  


OKAY, WHOSE TOOTH IS RINGING?  The military has created hands free technology with what is called a Molar Mic.  That's right, it attaches to your molar and you can speak and hear completely hands free.  This is all well and good but I hate having stuff in my teeth.  

JERRY BROWN BOWS AT THE ALTAR OF TOM STEYER And Lord Steyer was present when Governor Jerry Brown signed a new initiative that will increase energy prices dramatically in one of the most expensive states in the union chasing the dream of 100% renewable energy.  

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