It's Time to Fix the Gerrymandering Scandal

HEIDI GANAHL THINKS GERRYMANDERING IS A BAD IDEA So she's supporting Amendments Y & Z in this election cycle.  This amendment would do away with politically motivated gerrymandering for the creation of districts in Colorado and turn that task over to a board made up of 4 Democrats, 4 Republicans and 4 Independents.  I like it.  I'll talk to Heidi at 2pm.  Find out more about Y and Z by clicking here.  

THE DUMPSTER FIRE IN DC CONTINUES As over the weekend journalist Bob Woodward took the airwaves at CBS to say with a straight face that the New York Times erred when it published the anonymous Op-Ed.  Says the man who just wrote a book about the Trump administration full of anonymous sources which have been completely shut down by the people they allegedly quoted.  You can watch it here.  

AND HERE I THOUGHT THE TRUTH MATTERS Senator Kamala Harris is not a nice person and whoever runs her Twitter account (I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt that it's not her) is a liar and completely willing to subvert the truth to score a cheap political point that also happens to smear a good and decent man.  Kamala Harris took a portion of an answer Brett Kavanaugh gave during his testimony where he was clearly referring to what someone else had said and conveniently edited it to make it seem he was saying something he said nothing like.  Consider the high road ceded, Sen. Harris. 

LES MOONVES IS A SCUMBAG AND SERIAL PREDATOR AND HE MIGHT GET $120 MILLION Because that's what his contract demands.  This story started some time ago when six women recounted how Moonves, many years ago, sexually harassed and assaulted them.  Yesterday, Ronan Farrow struck again with this story about six MORE women coming forward with harrowing tales.  Moonves is out at CBS but he still may get his $120 million dollar parachute, pending an investigation.  You want to know why women don't come forward?  There's 120 million reasons right there.  

I'VE GOT THE SOLUTION THE WHOLE NFL ANTHEM THING And we can absolutely control it.  Here it is:  stop bitching about players kneeling.  Stop paying attention to these guys when they kneel.  Stop giving it oxygen to breathe and it will stop.  Why do I suggest this?  Because it's time to move past the theatrics and into action.  If these players give us something to do, let's do it, but until then, proudly sing the anthem doubly loud and enjoy some football in peace.  Because the league isn't going to fix it

IT'S GAME ON WITH THE PLO AS TRUMP MAKES ANOTHER MOVE And this time it's closing the PLO mission in DC.  It's designed to force the Palestinians into peace talks.  We'll see if the combination of this and the cutoff of foreign aid to Hamas do it. 

CAN WE ALL GO BACK TO NOT KNOWING WHO DAVID HOGG IS AGAIN NOW?  You remember David Hogg right?  The kid who couldn't find enough cameras to put himself in front of after the Parkland shootings?  The kid we were told by many of the progressive left was to be listened to for his wisdom?  Well here he is.  In Canada.  That last part matters.  

Ah, youth, when you think urging foreigners to meddle in American campaigns is a good idea.  Or legal.  

JIM CARREY PINES FOR SOCIALISM Jim Carrey has been cracking up lately in a pretty public way so it's of absolutely no surprise that is on Bill Maher's show waxing poetic about how we need to just embrace socialism.  

LAST NIGHT WAS THE BEGINNING OF THE END OF MISS AMERICA As ratings, which were already not good, collapsed last night for the first "no swimsuit" edition of Miss America.  Gretchen Carlson should be fired.  Now. 

I HOPE WE CAN FIND A WAY TO PROCREATE ONLINE As teens are increasingly more content chatting with their friends online than in person.   This doesn't bode well for the continuation of the species. 

WAS THIS DOC BOUGHT FOR BAGELS?  I'm all for transparency when it comes to any board that the government creates.  But am I the only one who thinks that fact a doctor on a Medicaid Drug Advisory board was unfairly targeted because he didn't write down every free lunch a drug rep brought his staff?  This is one those stories that I guess I'm supposed to think is great for transparency but I think this doc got a raw deal on this one.  Surely there are bigger "abuses" to track down.  


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