Hellooooo, Friday! Let's Talk David and Goliath!

THESE ARE ONE TOUGH COOKIES!  If you've listened to the show you know we LOVE Hydrox cookies.  They are the ORIGINAL chocolate wafer filled with delicious creme cookie and Leaf Brands brought them back and they are DELICIOUS.  When you can find them.  Why can't you find them?  Well it's been alleged that the guys and gals who deliver Oreos and set up store displays HAVE BEEN ACTIVELY HIDING.  What are they afraid of???  Now Hydrox is fighting back!  We've got Ellia Kassof on the show to talk about how Hydrox is trying to get a level playing field.  Buy Hydrox on Amazon here

HEY NICE PEOPLE IN THE SPRINGS, I'VE GOT A SUPER COOL VETERAN EVENT FOR YOU! Lynn Cottrell from TAPS is on today to talk about a very cool event that is happening in the Springs.  It's the Colorado Celebrity Classic and if you are country music fan this event is the best thing ever.  If you're not a country music fan, you will still be entertained and walk away a new fan.  It's all happening next week on the 6th, find out more and buy tickets to support this wonderful veterans organization here

COULD GENDER DYSPHORIA BE CONTAGIOUS?  That seems to be what is suggested by this study about kids who suffered from what is called "rapid onset gender dsyphoria" which is when a kid who has NEVER BEFORE had feelings about misgendered suddenly decides that he or she is in the wrong body.  The first study on this particular phenomenon shows a distinct correlation with having a friend who is LGBTQ and increased internet activity.  Long study short, kids are deciding they are transgendered because their friends are gay and they see it on the internet.  This is why we should not be allowing children or teens to make permanent and lasting medical choices.  To say this was not received well by the Trans Mafia is an understatement.

NOPE, NOT ENOUGH MONEY HERE FOR ME TO TAKE PART  I am an odd duck, in that I like hugging and have been known to give a quick hug to people I have just met (but only if I like you) but the thought of cuddling a total stranger for any length of time horrifies me.  But this mom made $57,800 a year doing just that.  I call that BLECH money.  YUCK.  

WHO KNEW CANADIANS WERE SUCH JEALOUS LITTLE JERKS?? Yesterday I shared the trailer to First Man the new movie about Neil Armstrong and the first moon landing.  I did not know yesterday that the CANADIAN DIRECTOR and CANADIAN STAR decided to leave off the little detail of Armstrong planting the American flag on the moon.  WHAT???  Here's what the silly Canuck had to say:

Its star, Ryan Gosling, was asked if the film was a deliberately un-American take on the moon landing. He replied that Armstrong's accomplishment "transcended countries and borders".

Gosling explained: "I think this was widely regarded in the end as a human achievement [and] that's how we chose to view it. I also think Neil was extremely humble, as were many of these astronauts, and time and time again he deferred the focus from himself to the 400,000 people who made the mission possible."

No jerkstore, it was a COMPLETELY American accomplishment.  One the Soviets couldn't pull off.  Stop acting like jealous bitches and tell the truth. 

THIS IS WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT YESTERDAY.  WHERE DID THE FASTER MONEY GO?  If politicians want to sell us a tax increase they have some 'splainin' to do about previous tax increases.  Glad I'm not the only one asking this question




DID YOU SEE THE LATEST ON BRUCE OHR AND RUSSIAGATE?  This story adds some interesting context to the entire Russiagate investigation.  From what Bruce Ohr told a Congressional committee, Christopher Steele told him that Russia had candidate Trump "over a barrel" with compromising information.  But nowhere have I seen that there was ANY indication that candidate Trump had KNOWLEDGE of that information.  That matters.  Because if Trump was unaware of the potentially compromising information and there was no indication that he was actively working with the Russians during the election, why didn't the FBI take this information to Trump?  That's a legit question that needs to be answered. 

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