I Think I'm Going to Steal An Extra Hour Today!

DR. KEITH SMITH LOVES MEDICINE AND THE FREE MARKET And he's proven at the Surgery Center of Oklahoma that those two things can work hand in hand to control health care costs.  He's on today to talk about his latest post about Medicare for All and it's similarities to Prohibition, plus how disastrous it would truly be.  Don't miss him at 2, he's a very good guest!  

I'M STEALING AN EXTRA HOUR TODAY!  You've got me until 4 today!  I'm locking the doors to those Lewis and Logan people can't come in.  Or they are in Arizona for the Broncos game and I'm just doing an extra hour until the pre game starts.  Whatev.  

I'M ALSO STEALING A RADIO BIT I'VE BEEN DYING TO STEAL FOR YEARS I was listening to my pal Willie B on our brother station KBPI this morning and he accidentally reminded me of one of my favorite radio bits I've been meaning to steal.  There is a radio legend in Orlando named Jim Philips and he does a thing called Whatcha Haulin and I am totally ripping it off today.  Don't judge me because he thought of it first.  

I GET UNVITING TRUMP, BUT THIS WAS JUST A TOTAL JERK MOVE Sarah Palin was very publicly unvited to John McCain's funeral.  Please stop telling me what a wonderful man he was.  He didn't lose because of Palin, he probably fared better than he would have BECAUSE of her.  And she has remained a class act towards him even when he threw her under the bus in his stupid book.  He's just like Hillary.  He can't take responsibility for his own failures as a candidate.  I'm done talking about him forever now. 

SPEAKING OF AN AMERICAN HERO I can't wait to see this new movie about Neil Armstrong.

WE HAVE THE #1 ECONOMY IN THE COUNTRY AND POLITICIANS ARE WHINING ABOUT TABOR This article about the Treasurers race is so indicative of what you will hear in this election cycle.  Check this quote out from the Democratic nominee:

“The Treasurer sits on several boards, the big one being the PERA board,” said Young, the Democrat nominee. “Having sat on the joint budget committee, I see the financial crisis the state is in. We a have a deep hole in every aspect of our budget, and it’s because we have the most restrictive tax and expenditure provision in our constitution of any state in the union. The collision of TABOR and Gallagher — they are working against us.”

Working against who, really?  Let's not forget TABOR stands for Taxpayer's Bill of Rights.  He's talking about being hamstrung by...the taxpayers.  He wants the ability to tax us without our permission, as do all Democrats, because they can't convince us to give them an unlimited stream of our money when they don't spend the money they have on stuff we all really want, like better roads.  Expect a lot of this in this campaign from all Democrats.  And please continue to remind them what TABOR stands for.  

THIS BALLOT INITIATIVE COULD SPELL TROUBLE FOR POLIS Because it is going to bring in a HUGE amount of money from the oil and gas industry to fight it, and if Walker Stapleton is smart, he will piggy back his messaging to remind people that Polis gave a lot of money to similar measures in the past.  Polis is going to have explain why he wants to put 150,000 people out of work in Colorado, or why he changed his mind if he has.  Watch Initiative 97 closely.  

ANOTHER FIND SUPPORTS THE HISTORICAL ACCURACY OF THE NEW TESTAMENT And this is really cool.  Archaeologists believe they have found the site of Jesus' water into wine miracle.  Check this out

THE GROUND IS BROKEN ON THE GAP PROJECT Which will be done just in time to be totally outdated.  

THE GOVERNMENT IS LYING ABOUT SCHOOL SHOOTINGS And I'm not super surprised.  I am surprised that the media outlet who investigated the Department of Educations wildly inflated school shootings number was NPR.  And then they reported the facts about those numbers.  Good for NPR for engaging in solid journalism.  Perhaps they should head over the NPR and give them some lessons.  

SPEAKING OF CNN, HOW ARE THEY NOT EMBARRASSED ON A DAILY BASIS?  Watch this interview and then tell me CNN is a legit news organization.  Betcha can't.  You can skip to the 4 minute mark for the good parts. 

IS THERE GOING TO BE A SIMILAR MEMORIAL IN EVERY RED LOBSTER?  PETA wants to build a roadside memorial for a bunch of lobsters who died in a car accident.  Maybe they should spend the memorial money on not killing animals they supposedly rescued.

DOES CUTTING CLASS HAVE A CULTURAL ROOT?  This one chart in this one article would seem to indicate there is one:

And this was from a few years ago.  NOW the numbers are even worse for Black kids.  This article indicates a lot of hand wringing and navel gazing about why kids are cutting schools more now that ever, but they gloss over the ethnic breakdowns quite breezily.  But if you look at the numbers above, this problem is disproportionately affecting minority students who are Hispanic, black, American Indian, and Pacific Islander.  It stands to reason that there may be a cultural component to this.  And I don't mean "they are all lazy and don't want to go to school" cultural differences.  I mean maybe Hispanic kids grow up in a household where their immigrant parents don't speak English and have very little education themselves.  Maybe Pacific Islander kids face more familial pressures than white kids.  THAT'S the stuff we need to look into, or this problem will never go away.

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