Hooray! Weather Wednesday is BACK!!

I'M SO HAPPY CHRIS SPEARS IS BACK TODAY!  Weather Wednesday is upon us, so get ready with all of your weather questions, he's on at 2pm! 

SENATOR JOHN MCCAIN LIES IN STATE IN ARIZONA And this is no way connected to John McCain directly but this made me remember something.  I don't get people standing in line to see a dead body.  I don't get it at regular funerals, but at least there you have an expectation of a close relationship with people who want to say goodbye.  But I don't get strangers standing line to see a dead body.  Can someone explain this to me?  CNN tries to here

I SAW A TWEET YESTERDAY THAT WAS JUST SILLY And it was by a Never Trumper that I don't follow and now I can't remember his name to find it again, but the gist of it was that Republicans should punish the GOP for Trump by voting against Republicans in every election at every level.  Huh?  I realize this is not a new idea, because George Will lofted a similar balloon in July, but SERIOUSLY???  I have some words on this. 

FLORIDA IS ABOUT TO GO NUTS Over two different races.  One is the race for the US Senate, where perennial Senator Bill Nelson (hey guys, he was an ASTRONAUT) goes up against current Governor Rick Scott, who is not exactly beloved in all corners of the state right now.  The most interesting race though is going to be the race for Governor.  The GOP candidate got a boost over the favorite by a Trump endorsement, and the Democratic nominee is potentially the first BLACK GOVERNOR of Florida but is also unfortunately a complete Socialist who is already saying he's going to raise the corporate tax rate in Florida by 40%+ and wants to do away with ICE completely and stuff.  This should be fun to watch! 

WANT TO WASTE SOME TIME ON BAD MOVIES THIS HOLIDAY WEEKEND?  Newsweek has collected a handy list of the worst movies EVER.  Find them all and plan your horrible movie binge watch here!  

RESTAURANTS ARE FINALLY DOING SOMETHING ABOUT THAT GUY WITH THE PHONE!! I am glad civility if finally winning in the War Against Cell Phones.  No, it's not a FORMAL war, but one I declared myself after being forced to listen to an obnoxious guy do an entire business meeting on the treadmill next to me at the gym.  Now restaurants are beginning to ban the use of cell phones. Hooray!! 

IF YOU HAVEN'T FOLLOWED THE STORY OF THE MUSLIM TERROR COMPOUND IN NEW MEXICO First off you are forgiven, because the story has been pretty non-existent.  This column in TheFederalist.com is the best overview of the horrors that were being planned by the Islamist who allegedly killed his own son while training children to do school shootings.  Read it and wonder why it's not getting more play.  

AND NOW, THE DARK SIDE OF DAD JOKES Here's a video of Dad Joke Survivors. 


THIS DOG IS MY SPIRIT ANIMAL This dog was charged with taking care of his flock of sheep.  Looks like he did more than take care of them, HE TOOK OVER THEM.  




OCASIO-CORTEZ SAYS UBER FOR ME, BUT NOT FOR THEE In what always happens when a socialist rails against anything dynamically capitalist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has proven herself to be a complete hypocrite.  After railing against the ride-sharing maverick for not being completely beholden to the government, it is shown that Ms. O-C actually LOVES Uber.  Or at least she appears to from her campaign finance reports.  

OLD PEOPLE DON'T LIKE BEING CALLED OLD So they are in search of a new hipper or cooler word to describe them when they are, well, old.  How about "perennial"?  How about "vintage"?  How about don't worry about it?  Do you have any good suggestions?  

I HAD NO IDEA JIM BROWN WAS A RACIST But I'm sure he will be called that now after this interview, in which he said the black community needed to look within to solve it's biggest issues.  

DEAR DICK'S SPORTING GOODS...WELL DUH  Dick's Sporting Goods is having some serious issues right now as sales are down even though other retailers are benefiting from the booming economy.  The reason?  They say their "pull back" from the "hunting business" (read: gun sales) has taken a toll.  No kidding.  When you piss off hunters and gun owners, they don't need to be told twice you don't need their business.  Good luck to you, Dick's.  

Mandy Connell


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