What's the Real Story with Pot and Teens?

WHAT IS THE REAL STORY WITH TEENS AND POT?  Levon Hupfer has been on the show before to talk about teens and pot use and as the Director of Diversion for the 17th District's DAs office, he is in the middle of it.  A recent report about annual survey results came out recently (find a quick overview here) but does it tell the whole story?  This story is about how many kids are getting in trouble at school for pot related crimes.  Levon is in at 2pm to sort fact from fiction.  

LANNY DAVIS PROVES THAT EVERYONE IS LYING ABOUT EVERYTHING ABOUT TRUMP And by the way, I AM INCLUDING TRUMP HIMSELF IN THIS STATEMENT.  From "I did not have sex with that woman" to Lanny Davis' admission that his bombshell accusations about President Trump knowing about the meeting in Trump tower with the Russians before it happened, EVERYONE IS LYING ABOUT EVERYTHING.  Even CNN, who is refusing to retract or amend their breathless story on the issues.  I HATE EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING IN POLITICS TODAY.  

OH, AND THE FBI LIES TOO And we have proof in the form of testimony before Congress last Friday where an FBI agent admitted that the FBI leaked stories the news media and then used those news stories as the basis for a FISA warrant.  Let that sink in for a hot minute.  They leaked the so-called "evidence" themselves and then used the leaked material to spy on American citizens via the FISA court.  But I'm sure James Comey otherwise ran a moral and upstanding operation.  

VIKING CRUISES HAS OFFICIALLY BOOTED THE KIDS And now you must be 18 or older to enjoy any of their cruise ships, including their famous river cruises.  They say their clientele is over 50 and want child-free vacations.  Good for them and you can always take your kids on Uniworld, although those ships are not geared for kids either unless you do one of their family-oriented cruises.   I actually like this.  I've always said if I had a restaurant there would be a Kids or No Kids section.  

THE GOP BETTER GET BUSY CONNECTING THE DOTS Specifically the dots between the highest consumer confidence index in 18 years and the policies of President Trump and the Republican Congress.  Because people are obviously feeling more optimistic but need to be reminded of why.  

COULD WE BE IN FOR A TEETH CHATTERING SNOWY WINTER?  I'd be down with this.  We totally got ripped off for winter last year.  The Farmer's Almanac says that's what's in store.  

I AM CURRENTLY OBSESSED WITH THIS NEW SONG FROM DISTURBED And it's got a decidedly political bent that I dig.  

SHOCKER STORY OF THE DAY: NEWSPAPERS LOVE TEACHER STRIKES Just kidding it's not shocking at all.  A recent study of the coverage given to teacher's strikes around the country shows that by a measure of 4 to 1, newspapers gave fawning coverage to the notion of a strike.  They downplayed teacher compensation, benefits and pensions and gave much more time for pro-strike interviewees to spew their venom.  Nothing is surprising  about this. 

TRUMP'S MEXICO DEAL COULD TURN THE UNIONS I said it yesterday about Trump's new trade deal with Mexico, and now here's an article about the UAW and their participation in the negotiating process to get it done.  If this deal undoes some of the damage that NAFTA has inflicted on union auto workers especially, expect a significant shift in political support here.  Because what did Obama do for unions?  

THIS POTENTIAL GROOM DODGED A BULLET This story seems like it can't be true, but it seems to be currently.  A horrible, awful woman was engaged to be married and even though she says she and her fiance had saved $15,000 Canadian dollars, it wasn't enough.  So she invited, nee demanded that her guests give her $1,500 each to attend her once in a lifetime experience wedding.  Oddly, no one wanted to pony up.  Sadly, she didn't take her maid of honor's suggestion to "stay within your budget" well either.  She is now without her wedding, her fiance and her maid of honor. 

ROSE MCGOWAN CALLS OUT ASIA ARGENTO And urges her to come clean about her alleged affair with the underage actor Jimmy Bennet.  Argento has denied it, but more and more evidence says she did it.  McGowan initially seemed to support Argento, but now has asked her to be better than Harvey Weinstein and admit it.   

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