Why "Owning the Libs" Should Not Be Your Goal.

JUST WHAT IS ACCOMPLISHED WHEN SOMEONE "OWNS THE LIB"?  If you're not familiar with the concept of "owning the libs" good for you.  It's when someone online post a super snarky rebuttal or point that exposed the "lib" as a moron or otherwise unworthy.  It's fun, I've done it.  But much like a one night stand leaves many people cold, so does "owning the libs".  Why?  Because the only thing it accomplishes is the short term gratification of the owner and the further polarization in our society.  Robert Tracinski wrote at TheFederalist.com last week that it also allows politicians to get away with pretty much anything.  Robert joins me at 2pm to discuss

RIP JOHN MCCAIN The Senator has succumbed to his cancer.  May he rest in peace.  

NO, TRUMP SHOULDN'T HAVE BEEN MORE COMPLIMENTARY TO MCCAIN In it's zeal to find a story to paint Trump in a bad light in the occasion of the death of his Senate Nemesis John McCain, they are digging deep to say Trump is treating McCain badly.  I think the exact opposite.  I think McCain and Trump didn't just disagree, they HATED each other.  So much so that McCain was responsible for the failure of the repeal of Obamacare, which I believe was just spite towards Trump.  So why should Trump pretend differently now?  He sent out a Tweet to the family which was perfectly fine.  Anything more, like the fawning the press is doing now when they SAVAGED McCain in 2008 when he ran against their BFF Obama, would have been completely disingenuous. 

SPEAKING OF POLITICAL RHETORIC, WE'VE GOT NOTHIN' ON ANCIENT ROME I find this stuff so interesting.  We like to think that political discourse has NEVER been worse than it is now, but that's simply not true.  A historian says ancient Rome was WAY worse and they simply expected that as part of the discourse.  When did we become such shrinking violets?  Why can't we simply go back to "sticks and stones will break my bones" etc, etc, etc?  

TRUMP BLEW UP NAFTA TODAY AND IT'S A GOOD THING FOR AMERICAN MANUFACTURERS Trump announced today that he was withdrawing from NAFTA and that a deal with Mexico to replace it had been reached.  This puts a LOT of pressure on Canada to play ball, and PM Trudeau rang up President Nieto this weekend to check things out.  We shall see how this works out, but since we are the BIGGEST trading partner Canada has, I'd be SHOCKED if they tried to get fancy knowing that Trump is not afraid to slap tariffs on anything on anybody.  

WANT TO KNOW HOW GOOD WE'VE GOT IT HERE? READ THE NEW CHINESE RULES The President of China is cementing his power and rewriting some of the Party rules.  First and foremost, you are NOT allowed to criticize the Party of it's decisions.  If this were true HERE, MSNBC would be under arrest daily.  Just saying.  Oh, and if you believe in God, you are supposed to leave the Party.  See?  It's just like the Democratic Party here!  



WE'RE NUMBER 1!  WE'RE NUMBER 1!  THANKS, TAXPAYERS BILL OF RIGHTS!  Our economy ranked #1 AGAIN this year according to USA Today.  As much as I believe this is the greatest state EVER, I wonder how much of this prosperity is tied directly or indirectly to the Taxpayers Bill of Rights which keeps our government spending under control.  

IF YOU STILL GET A PAPER, ENJOY IT WHILE IT LASTS Newspapers are trying to figure out a way to move forward in a land of instant news and smart phones.  Pittsburgh becomes the largest city in the country to no longer have a daily print newspaper as the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette will only print five days a week.  The Post-Gazette WILL create a newspaper all seven days, but they will only print five of them.  This is the way of the future, and if you're in the paper delivery biz, I'd start looking for new avenues.  

RIP NEIL SIMON He was the most prolific playwright of the late 20th century and wrote some of the most compelling and honest relationship comedies you'll ever read.  He will be missed. 

WHEN IS A TERRORIST JUST ANOTHER STRUGGLING OFF-THE-GRIDDER?  ON CNN, OF COURSE You are forgiven if you haven't been following the story of the arrest of the group of adults living in the New Mexico desert with 11 kids.  Would have been 12 kids, but they killed one of them.  See, they are Muslim, and according to authorities they were not only teaching the children how to shoot up a school, they were also planning attacks on targets like Grady Hospital in Atlanta.  But if you just saw this story on CNN, you would think they were just a bunch of hippies who didn't adjust to living off the grid the way they should have.  I guess we're all lucky they didn't, huh?  

A DENVER NINE YEAR OLD KILLS HIMSELF OVER BEING BULLIED This story is heartbreaking.  A nine year old fourth grader has taken his own life after being bullied at school.  The mother says her son told her he was gay and wanted to tell his friends.  Do gay people know they are gay when they are nine?  Anyway, the news was not received well by his classmates and the young boy killed himself.  There is too much wrong here to even break this down.  My heart breaks for this mother and his family.  


Mandy Connell


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