Dinesh D'Souza, Michael Cohen, and Paul Manafort, OH MY!

DINESH D'SOUZA IS ON TO TALK ABOUT HIS NEW FILM The movie is Death of a Nation and you can find out more about it here. He's on at 2 today! 

SO WHAT EXACTLY HAPPENED YESTERDAY?  Two big stories dropped.  First, former Campaign Manager for Donald Trump Paul Manafort was convicted of eight financial and tax related crimes unrelated the campaign.  Second, former Trump attorney and confidant Michael Cohen pointed the finger at candidate Trump when he plead guilty to paying off two women in order to influence the campaign.  Many on the left feel vindicated and believe this is the grounds for impeachment.  But does it?  If this is a campaign reporting violation could this just mean a steep fine, as has been levied before?  Or is it truly criminal as in the case of John Edwards?  Here is Alan Dershowitz with Tucker Carlson on it.

And now here is Cohen's lawyer and former Clinton lawyer Lanny Davis on Rachel Maddow's show last night.  He is definitely threatening Trump in this clip. 

One thing demonstrated for certain yesterday is that Donald Trump surrounds himself with crooks.  

ANDREW MCCARTHY BREAKS DOWN THE LEGALITIES OF WHAT HAPPENED YESTERDAY And since he's a former prosecutor, he has really good insight.  Read it here

NOW THE ASIA ARGENTO STORY IS OUT OF CONTROL Check the blog for the last few days if you don't know the story about Asia Argento paying off a young man who says the #metoo leader sexually assaulted him, but it just got stranger.  Now leaked messages seem to show she lied when she denied the sexual encounter and only paid the kid off on the advice of her now-dead boyfriend Anthony Bourdain.  Whoa. 

SMOKING POT MAKES YOUR BRAIN AGE FASTER But at least you won't mind as much that your brain is older by 2.8 years compared to non pot smokers

IOWA STUDENT MOLLY TIBBETTS WAS ALLEGEDLY MURDERED BY AN ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT And I hope every Democrat is asked why they don't want a more secure border.  Because if there were better security, Molly Tibbetts would likely still be alive.  Read more about her here

GUESS WHICH COUNTRY REDUCED IT'S CARBON EMISSIONS THE MOST?  That would be the good old US of A, at least when compared to the latest data about nations who signed the Paris Climate Treaty that Donald Trump backed us out of.  

NEED TO KNOW WHAT RELIGION YOUR FAVORITE COMIC BOOK HERO IS?  This article made me laugh even though I'm not a super fan.  Especially when they named Tony Stark a televangelist.  

THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL ACT OF KINDNESS BY A STATE LEGISLATURE.  The state of Nebraska just passed a bill allowing women who have miscarried babies to get a birth certificate for their late children.  It's a lovely gesture.  

YOU ASKED FOR IT.  IT'S EPISODE TWO OF GUY ON A BUFFALO! I am being totally serious when I say some of you actually requested this.  

HETERO PEOPLE DON'T HAVE EXCLUSIVITY IN THE #METOO MOVEMENT A man has come forward to accuse two of classical musics biggest stars of drugging him and raping him in 2010.  Police are investigating but we don't know what kind of reaction is occurring in the company and the greater Opera world.  

HOWARD ZINN MUST BE THRILLED WITH THIS VIDEO As Millenials agree that America has never been great and no one has been taught American exceptionalism.  


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