So What is A College Degree Really Worth These Days?

A DEGREE FROM AN ELITE UNIVERSITY IS ALMOST 300K BUT WHAT IS IT WORTH?  On the heels of Boston University Economics graduate's Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's numerous completely misinformed statements about economics, Victor Davis Hanson wrote a column asking the question we've all had, and that is, what are they learning at these elite schools?  And why do so many "experts" get so much wrong?  Victor Davis Hanson is on today at 2 to discuss this column. 

DOES THIS MEAN CHICKS ARE GOING TO BE WEARING FRONT HOLE HATS?  There are not words to describe the level of stupidity in evidence in this article.  Healthline, which is apparently a pretty well known website about health and stuff, has decided to forego using the medical term "vagina" for the more trans-friendly "front hole" designation.  There are no words I need to say about this.  

A BERNIE SUPPORTER GETS THE ROSE COLORED GLASSES BUSTED OFF HIS FACE BY ANTIFA A Bernie Sanders supporter was beaten up by Antifa because he was carrying an American flag at an anti-somethingconservative rally.  Sure it's not FUNNY, but it is somehow poetic.  The Sanders supporter says he was carrying the American Flag to "take it back" when he was physically assaulted by the so-called Anti-fascists who think splitting someone's head open for carrying the flag is appropriate.  The people he was marching to support, btw.  

ALEXANDRIA OCASIO-CORTEZ IS AT IT AGAIN And hot on the heels of her disastrous barring of the media from a public event, she is taken to task by the Twitterati for not understanding how the National Park System works.   Bless her little socialist loving heart.  

ISRAEL IS GOING WITH THE "GOOD GUY WITH A GUN" STRATEGY When it comes to loosening gun control regulations.  They are allowing more people to qualify to apply for carry permits after a series of lone wolf attacks by Palestinians that have ended up in some cases with dead Israelis.  It is STILL very difficult to get a permit, but more people will have the chance to apply.  

THIS CHRIS WATTS STORY IS GETTING WORSE AND WORSE The alleged wife and daughter killer was having an affair.  He also tried to tell police that HIS PREGNANT WIFE killed his daughters and he was so distraught he then killed her in revenge and THEN he dumped the bodies of his babies into an oil and gas tank.  I wonder how his mistress feels about him now?   





OKAY GREENIES, IT'S TIME TO GIVE UP YOUR CARS!  And I say "greenies" because I am a follower by nature and will wait until every person who says they are worried about global warming to give up THEIR car first before I give up mine.  Who is saying we need to give up our cars? This article, whose headline is pretty clear:

The Modern Automobile Must Die

If we want to solve climate change, there's no other option.

So there it is, kids.  You go first.  

GOT A LONG FLIGHT COMING UP?  YOU NEED TO READ THIS It's a survival guide for long haul flights written by the people who make them the most often.  I'd like to add, "if you see small children boarding near you, see if you can switch seats, stat".  

STUPID FLORIDA MAN KILLS BELOVED ALPACA You can read the article here, but my headline truly sums it up.  

FORMER TRUMP ATTORNEY MICHAEL COHEN CUTS A DEAL The specifics of which should be revealed at roughly 2pm today, so stay tuned...  here's what we know so far, which is not much. 

THE ASIA ARGENTO STORY JUST GOT WEIRDER If you didn't hear the news yesterday, Harvey Weinstein accuser and #metoo movement leader Asia Argento apparently gave a young actor $380,000 to settle a sexual assault lawsuit he was either threatening or filed.  The case goes back to a time when Asia allegedly had sex with a then 17 year old costar from a previous movie.  Now Asia says she ONLY paid the man because her NOW DEAD boyfriend Anthony Bourdain told her to.  Very convenient for Asia that he's now dead.  

Mandy Connell


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