Dad Jokes and Inexpensive Art for a Monday!

I LOVE DAD JOKES IN ALL OF THEIR CORNY GLORY And I am going to devote some time today to the wonderful art of the Dad Joke.  Don't know what a Dad Joke is?  Here are some really really good ones.  And here are some more.  And a few more.  

MY LOVE OF ART FAR EXCEEDS MY BUDGET FOR ART But this year I've got options!  The Affordable Art Festival to benefit scholarships at Arapahoe Community College.  Get all the details here!  I'll talk with Jim DeLutes about this at 2!  USE THE PROMO CODE: KOA TO GET 20% OFF YOUR TICKET ORDER!


This is going to be very interesting to watch, because whenever anyone tries to match Trump's over the top rhetoric, they usually lose, and lose bigly.  

SO A BIG HERO OF THE #METOO MOVEMENT HAS HER OWN DIRTY SECRET And I am honestly not even sure what to do with this.  Asia Argento, one of the first women to come out and accuse Harvey Weinstein of rape, paid a rather large settlement to a man she sexually assaulted when he was 17 years old.  Lest you guys think this can't happen, you should read this story in the New York Times.  The sad part is, none of this changes the fact that Asia Argento claims she was victimized by Harvey Weinstein.  What it does show is that Hollywood is a complete disaster of abuse and violation.  And that anyone can become an abuser in the right circumstances.  

THIS IS AN INTERESTING LOOK AT WHERE CRIMINALS GET THEIR GUNS IN MARYLAND And if you're the type who believes that stricter gun control works except for those other neighboring states are the problem, read this.  It seems that criminals, who do NOT buy and register guns legally, are willing to break the law to GET a gun.  Wow.  Who would have seen that coming? 

THERE ARE A LOT OF FLAMETHROWERS OUT THERE, BUT PRAGER U IS NOT ONE OF THEM. Whenever someone on the left tries to use my love of Prager U videos as proof of my awfulness, I immediately know they are utterly and completely uninformed.  Dennis Prager and his team at Prager U puts out some of the most thoughtful, thought provoking content on the web today.  Even if you disagree with the politics I think you'd have to admit they are good at presenting the conservative argument on many key issues of the day.  Is THAT why Facebook censored them?  No one seems to know. 

GO PLAY!  IT'S DOCTOR'S ORDERS!  A pediatrician is trying to bring back play for kids.  Children are losing valuable skills gained by just playing instead of having every action and moment of their lives carefully scripted for success.  One doctor is trying to change that.  

PEOPLE GET MICROCHIPPED AND SING THE VIRTUES OF THE TECHNOLOGY At a company in Wisconsin a voluntary program allows employees to get microchipped with an RFID chip that allows them to access their computers or even buy snacks with the wave of a hand.  Since the program rolled out with 50 employees, 30 more have jumped on the bandwagon to have a small RFID chip injected into the space between their thumb and hand.  I don't care how much they love it, I'm not ready for this. 

AND NOW FOR A MOMENT OF CRAZY TOWN ON CNN Dude tried to kick someone off someone else's show. 

THIS IS A GREAT COLUMN ON THE MASTERPIECE CAKE SITUATION And it says it best when it says, "if you can't say no, your yes means nothing".  Let that sink in and read this.  I'm going to revisit a phone call about this from last week. 

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