Casper Stockham Wants to Beat Diana Degette

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CASPER STOCKAM IS ON AT 2 He'a announcing a cool event and bringing some friends.  Find out more about the event by clicking here

CANCER SUCKS ENOUGH TO MAKE ME EVEN CONSIDER DOING THIS I do not like heights.  In spite of that I signed to rapel down an 18 story building in Louisville, Kentucky to raise money for a great cause.  I HATED every second of it.  It was terrifying.  I said I've never do it again.  Until my friend Edie asked me if I would help the Cancer League of Colorado by doing it again. Off a 32 story building in Denver.  I'll tell you how you can make this happen at 3.  Find out more about the amazing work of the Cancer League of Colorado by clicking here.  Sponsor my trip Over the Edge here

SUCCESS IS LARGELY ABOUT MOMENTUM.  HERE'S HOW TO CREATE THAT I saw this article yesterday and it's REALLY good and gives a very simple way to build momentum in your life and why momentum is the first key to success.  Read it here

TOO HOT FOR NOOKIE That's what one City Health official in Colombia told residents suffering through a heat wave recently.  He was giving out suggestions on how to beat the heat and refraining from Afternoon Delight was one of them.   I'm sure that worked. 

GOOD NEWS, KIDS ARE WORKING MORE Youth unemployment numbers are at 52-year lows right now.  Which is great, although fewer kids are in the workforce than in prior years.  I think part of this is the ridiculous premium we put on extra curriculars and volunteering at the high school level.  

ALEXANDRIA OCASIO-CORTEZ DOESN'T BELIEVE IN A FREE PRESS How else could you explain her decision to lock out the free and independent media from her latest town hall?  I can't wait for 300 papers to write editorials about this snub. 


EVERY SPORT HAS IT'S INTERVIEW RULES And comedian John Christ nails the golf interview.

CHRIS WATTS' CASE IS A GOOD EXAMPLE OF WHY I CAN'T SUPPORT THE DEATH PENALTY Chris Watts appears to have murdered his wife and two young daughters if his confession is to be believed.  If this crime doesn't deserve the death penalty I don't know what does.  However I heard a sound bite this morning from the DA indicating that the family's wishes would play into the decision on whether or not to pursue it in this case.  That's wrong.  I'll tell you why today. 

ELIZABETH WARREN DOESN'T GET ECONOMICS And Investor's Business Daily scorches her proposed government takeover of big business in this editorial.  

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