Paul Reiser is on today!

I'M STILL MAD ABOUT PAUL REISER And he's in town this weekend doing stand up.  Get tickets here and join us at 2 to hear from the man himself.  Find Paul's website here

FINALLY SAN FRAN IS TAKING CONTROL OF THE POOP San Francisco has a real problem with poop.  Both human and animal feces dot the streets of San Fran, left behind by the large number of homeless people and irresponsible pet owners.  But instead of trying to do anything to STOP it, they have decided to spend $750,000 a year to pay people to clean it up.  Poor San Francisco.  You are run by idiots.

THIS VIDEO IS FROM 2009 BUT WORTH A WATCH TODAY As more and more idiots Democrats are clamoring for a single payer system, they are doing so without truly knowing what it's like for people living under the system.  This video is very instructive, especially the parts where the government health employee recommends a private clinic.  

THIS TEENAGER WILL MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE A SLACKER Because at 13 years old, she has created a candy company that will make $2 million in profits this year.  Read it and weep here

VENEZUELA IS COMPLETELY A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY NOW Because socialism doesn't work.  Repeat, socialism doesn't work.  Now the country is scrapping surgeries and people are losing their water service.  Sounds awesome, doesn't it, Bernie?  2.3 million Venezuelans have fled the socialist utopia because of a lack of food and basic necessities.  

PENN JILLETTE BACKS UP OMAROSA But he stops short of saying EXACTLY what Donald Trump said that he deemed "racially insensitive", things that Jillette says made him uncomfortable.  I actually agree with Jillette demurring when it came time to give quotes from the President, as Jillette says he is an unreliable witness and would inevitably get something wrong.  


REMEMBER THAT TIME WHEN CHUCK SCHUMER SOUNDED LIKE TRUMP?  No?  Good news, the internet is forever!  Start at the 1:59 mark for the good stuff.

FIRST THEY CAME FOR YOUR STRAWS, NOW THEY COME FOR YOUR KID'S BALLOON This environmental nuttiness is going to ruin childhood for countless youngsters as now balloons are in the hot seat.  It seems there is a move afoot to do away with any sort of balloon release.  

LIBERAL UTOPIAS ARE IMPOSSIBLE FOR MIDDLE CLASS PEOPLE TO LIVE IN This is a cool list of cities that are completely unaffordable for middle class people to buy a home.  Oddly, they are all liberal utopias.  

IN THE LEAST SURPRISING STORY OF THE DAY, MEN LOSE WEIGHT EASIER THAN WOMEN I already knew this, and yet I find myself oozing with anger and jealousy anyway.  Now a study proves what women everywhere already know. 

DON'T FEEL BAD IF YOUR KIDS ISN'T EXCITED ABOUT SCHOOL This mom captured her daughter's lack of enthusiasm and thankfully for the rest of the world, shared it

SWEDEN IS FACING A BACKLASH OVER IMMIGRATION It could mean a big shift at the polls, as native Swedes are saying the strain of a huge wave of immigration is making so they can't get access to the welfare programs they pay very high taxes to get.  Read it here.

MEDICAL MARIJUANA APPARENTLY HEALED A LOT OF PEOPLE! Medical marijuana tax collections have plummeted as recreational sales have skyrocketed.  Why?  It's a MIRACLE!  A miracle I tell you!  More likely people didn't want to be on a government registry any longer than they had to.  

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