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I LOVE IT WHEN A PLAN COMES TOGETHER AND I'VE GOT A WINNER TO PROVE IT!  My new company LadiesChitChatClub.com is not just about giving me another opportunity to talk, it's about helping other women find their voices and giving them a place to share them.  We just wrapped up our first ever So You Wanna Be a Podcaster Contest and I've got the winner, Tahverlee Anglen on at 3:05 for a quick visit.  I'm VERY PROUD of what all the contestants accomplished and I hope you like Tahverlee and her new show Grit and Grace as much as I do!  

WHEN DOES AN EXPOSE MAKE THE AUTHOR LOOK WORSE THAN THE SUBJECT?  This is the second wild anti-Trump book that is coming unglued as soon as it was published.  Omarosa Manigault Newman's new book is out and already people are out making sure others know she just made stuff up. She also admitted she recorded a conversation with Chief of Staff John Kelly when he fired her, but it was in the Situation Room, where ANY recording of any kind is strictly forbidden.  She seems like a complete money grubber here.  If she were really concerned about the nation because of the horrible way the Trump White House is being run, she could have gone and talked to Robert Mueller about it.  My thinking is her time in the White House didn't turn into anything lucrative so she's cashing in this way. check this interview on the Today show.  


HAVING A KID GO SOUTH IS HARD ON A PARENT And I know there is a "hold the parents responsible" mentality out there, but when a kid turns 18, there isn't a whole lot a parent can do except watch helplessly from the sidelines.  A Police Chief in Union City, California offered a very heartfelt public apology when it came to light that his 18 year old son was a suspect in the beating of an older Sikh gentleman.  He also assisted in arresting his own son.  Sometimes being a parent is hard.  I hope his son realizes someday that his dad did the right thing is making him pay the consequences of his actions.  

KEITH ELLISON HAS BEEN ACCUSED OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE And the story has been circulating among the news media in Minnesota for some time, but they say they couldn't confirm it.  They obviously didn't talk to the son of the alleged victim, who took to his Facebook page to call out Ellison just ahead of the primary election for Attorney General of Minnesota, of which Ellison is a candidate.  Ellison has staunchly denied the accusations, but are Democrats going to risk voting for a guy with this kind of potential October surprise?  Allegedly there is some damning video of Ellison out there.  My friend and host of Justice and Drew on Twin Cities News Talk KTLK is on today at 2:30. 

PETER STRZOK IS OUT AT THE FBI And it's now official, he's been canned.  

GOOGLE IS TOTALLY TRACKING YOU, WHETHER YOU SAY THEY CAN OR NOT And they use your devices location services to create a handy detailed map of where you go and how you get there.  Even if you have your privacy settings set to prevent them from doing that.  NOW how am I going to go on the lam if I pull a caper?  



ALEXANDRIA OCASIO-CORTEZ IS MORE OF A KISS OF DEATH THAN I AM I do not endorse people in a political race because the few who have been unfortunate enough to have received my endorsement have lost.  Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez is about to beat my record.  Every candidate she has endorsed has lost.  

IS ANYONE BUYING A BULLETPROOF BACKPACK FOR THEIR KID?  I'm not judging at all, but is this a realistic solution to a horrible problem or just another way for us to feel better about our kids being at school where we can't protect them? 



VOX.COM JUST NOTICED THAT ANTIFA IS A PILE OF HOT GARBAGE But they held their fire back a bit when they commented on how Antifa targeted police and journalists at the counter protest in DC this week.  My favorite part is right at the end:

This weekend in Charlottesville and DC, though, it wasn’t neo-Nazis and white supremacists the antifa attacked. It was police who were there to help keep the peace among all the demonstrators and journalists who were there to cover the events.

How that factors into antifa’s ideology is anyone’s guess.

Huh.  I wonder why a group of face mask, bike lock swinging hoodlums would target the police and journalists???  Because they suck, that's why.  Glad you finally noticed, Vox.com.

Mandy Connell


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