How about a Fun Friday?

MY 25 YEAR OLD SELF IS SUPER IMPRESSED WITH MY 49 YEAR OLD SELF Because this week has been all about concerts.  Tonight I go to see one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE BANDS, Erasure.  You are forgiven if you've never heard of them, but they were a VERY BIG DEAL when I was young.  Here's a great song by them. 

The represent a time in my life when my worries were few and pretty insignificant compared to my life now.  I can't WAIT.  So what concerts have moved you the most?  

ETHANOL IS BAD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT.  SO LET'S ADD MORE!  This is SUCH a wonderful example of how government creates a problem, then makes it worse, and I'm sure in 10 years we will be asking them to fix the massive ozone problem they created with ethanol.  Guess what?  Ethanol is BAD for the environment.  Not neutral, BAD.  And certainly not green.  So what is the EPA suggesting we do about this scourge which ruins high performance engines?  Why add MORE, of course.  This is farmer cronyism at it's finest.  

THE IRS IS GIVEN THE TEA PARTY MONEY.  OUR MONEY OF COURSE, BUT MONEY The Tea Party groups who were wrongly politically targeted by Lois Lerner and the IRS have accepted a $3.5 million dollar settlement from the IRS.  Which is our money.  I'm not opposed to the Tea Party groups getting compensation, but I want Lois Lerner to have to pay it along with any other member of her staff who made this happen and anyone else who had a finger in this thing.  


I DON'T LIKE ADAPTIVE CRUISE CONTROL, BUT THIS IS TRUE... I may have to change my mind.  Ford says it's adaptive cruise control, which changes your speed based on the proximity of the cars in front of them, could actually eliminate stop and go traffic.  If this is true, I may have to get over my irritation about how annoying it is.  

NEVER MIND ON THAT WHOLE PET BEAVER THING FROM YESTERDAY This story about rabid beaver in Pennsylvania attacking a man and his 7 year old daughter has broken me of that wish.

BUT WHY DID THEY MAKE HIM THE NOMINEE? This commercial is pretty harsh. 

SOMEONE SEE IF HELL IS FROZEN OVER Because I strongly agree with Lindsay Graham on something.  He asked a GREAT question, which is if the FBI found out that the Chinese were trying to compromise Sen. Dianne Feinstein's long time driver, they immediately warned her.  Why didn't they do the same thing for Trump?  It's a legit question.  Watch the entire interview here. 

THE RIGHT TO WORK FIGHT WILL NEVER BE OVER. Because the unions very lives depend on being able to force people to give them dues. This is why the Douglas County School Board is now pro-union.  Because they will. not. stop until they can forcibly take an employees money whether they want to or not.  

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