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CDOT'S MICHAEL LEWIS IS ON AT 3 TODAY And you will want to get in early because we always run out of time with him.  Email him at 

HEY STUDENTS, JUST PICK YOUR OWN GRADE, K?  This is just about the stupidest thing I've ever seen, and that says a lot.  A real life college professor is letting her students decide what their grade should be at the beginning of the semester AND set the terms forth to meet the standard they decide is appropriate.  I have something to say on this. 

YOUTUBE IS GOING TO DECIDE WHAT IS RIGHT OR WRONG AND WHAT YOU SHOULD LEARN We all talk about government and how they shouldn't have the right to stop opinions or information they disagree with.  But what about Big Tech?  YouTube, which has come under fire from people like Dennis Prager for censoring his very well done short lecture series PragerU, is now adding "fact checking" to certain topics.  Because Americans are frankly too lazy to "fact check" for themselves.  I see this all ending in a lawsuit somehow.  

A PEACE LOVING MUSLIM IN NEW MEXICO WAS TEACHING KIDS TO KILL AT SCHOOL And now we know this scumbag, who was trying to teach 11 children to do a school shooting, is the son of a New York Imam who was suspected of being connected to the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.  He was a "character witness" for the Blind Sheik who went to prison for masterminding the whole affair.  Remember, not all Muslims are terrorists, but this family seems to be crossing this line quite well. 

PETS WILL MAKE YOU HAPPIER AND MORE FIT THAN NON-PET OWNERS Pet owners are also wealthier than non-owners, but I think that may be because poor people aren't going to run out and get another mouth to feed.  Pet owners get more exercise and have a better sense of well being, so get yourself a cuddly friend! 

SOMEBODY'S GOT A BUG IN HIS EAR And I mean that completely literally.  It happened at a baseball game.  

WANT TO COOK THE PERFECT STEAK?  Get a good thermometer, and here are some good ones

THE PROGRESSIVE STATE INCOME TAX IS ON THE BALLOT And this one means high achieving people are going to pay more in income taxes because the great unwashed masses shouldn't be asked to pay for things when they can soak the rich, amiright?   Read the amendment here. 



POT TAXES ARE UP, POT CRIMES ARE DOWN Good news for the legalization movement for sure.  Details here.

BROOMFIELD TRIES TO OUT BOULDER BOULDER By replacing gender pronouns in it's charter with "they", "their", and "them".  Because...I don't even know why.  

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