Holding People Responsible Has Two Faces

ARE WE ALL TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR EVERY DUMB THING WE'VE EVER SAID?  Some interesting things are happening now in society right now when it comes to holding people accountable.  I'm all for holding someone accountable when they clearly violate the rights or personal space of another human being as long as the statute of limitations is in effect.  But these days, people are finding that Tweets they sent out when they were teenagers are leading to others calling for them to lose their livelihood.  Is it okay to call someone a #fag?  No. Is it right to use the word "nigga"?  No.  But 17 year old men do dumb things trying to be cool.  Should they be fired seven years later?  We'll discuss it.  

BUT SHOULD THE NEW YORK TIMES HAVE HIRED A WOMAN WHO RECENTLY SENT ANTI-WHITE GUY TWEETS?  They did, and now Sarah Jeong's old racist tweets are being scrutinized very carefully by people who wonder if someone who sent out anti white tweets three years ago.  Is three years relevant but seven years isn't?  What is the line?  Aside from the blatant hypocrisy of the New York Times on this issue, it does sort of open up the question is open racism okay if it's only directed at white people?  Here is Sarah's work.

One must wonder what would happen if I had said anything remotely like this about any other race.  No, one mustn't wonder, I'd get fired.  In case you wondering, I am not in favor of her firing, I'm just in favor of the New York Times being consistent and intellectually honest.  

CAROL HAFNER IS RUNNING TO REPRESENT A STATE SHE'S NEVER VISITED Carol Hafner wants to represent the great state of Alaska even though she lives in either New Jersey or South Dakota or something.  Not only does she not live there, she's never BEEN there.  Oddly, there is no law that prevents her from running, even though she'd have to move there if she won.  So of course I have to talk to her.  She's on at 2pm.  Find out more about her here.   Here is my favorite quote by the global warming warrior herself:

People must pull together to solve problems, Hafner said. "Don't lock me out just because I'm not a homeboy," she said, adding later: "You ought to be thankful that I care enough and I'm interested enough and passionate enough to want to make things better.

"I'm certainly permitted to do what I have done," she said.

I'm sure the people of the great state of Alaska are eternally grateful. 

FRANKENSQUITOES KNOCK OUT DENGUE VIRUS An Australian town has eliminated the dengue fever in their town after releasing genetically modified mosquitoes which have been infected with a bacteria which prevents them from being able to spread the virus.  They have gone from 54 cases in four years to zero.  This is very, very impressive and important.  I don't know if this would work for malaria, but this could be a game changer.  

SARAH SANDERS IS THE BADDEST BADASS OF ALL TIMES And the sanctimonious Jim Acosta from CNN asked a ridiculous sanctimonious self-aggrandizing question as he is wont to do, and Sarah Sanders was having none of it.  And you want to see stupidity, the Washington Post FACT CHECKED Sarah Sanders on this.  

NO, A HOTDOG ISN'T A SANDWICH Jonah Goldberg explains this important point.

CALIFORNIA IS A BIG PART OF IT'S OWN FIRE PROBLEM It's not global warming, it's weather and bad forest management.  Governor Jerry Brown would do well to read this column on how wrong he is when he tries to blame things we can't control instead of his state's poor management. 

CONGRESSMAN JARED POLIS DOUBLES DOWN ON A FAILED IDEA By lofting "Medicare for All" for us here in Colorado.  You may remember, although it was WAY back in 2016, that 79% of Coloradans weren't idiots and shot down a single payer ballot initiative.  But not to be deterred, Jared Polis is resurrecting the loser idea.  He now believes a "well-constructed" government run system is a swell idea.  Maybe they can use the VA as a model?  Just kidding, we only treat veterans like crap, not constituents! 

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