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YOU NEED A LITTLE SISTER ACT IN YOUR LIFE And luckily we've got it for you.  Sister Act is this weekend at the PACE Center in Parker and we've got some cast members coming in.  Buy your tickets here!

SO I GOT AN EMAIL THIS MORNING And after I responded to it, I decided to share it.  Why?  Because you need to understand how the other side views you.  I also shared my response, which contains parts that will make some of you mad, but it's how I feel.  Here is the initial email:

From: S******* <*******>

Sent: Wednesday, August 1, 2018 8:40 PM

To: Connell, Mandy; ********

Subject: Where's The Accountability? Where's The Remorse?


Hi Mandy,

Let me start by saying that I used to love your radio show, now I just like it.

To be honest with you, I've been a little pissed at the way you supported Trump, put him on a pedestal, made him your golden calf along with millions of others, and continued to pummel Hillary Clinton.

Did you and the other Trump voters/supporters not see in advance how corrupt Trump and his family were?  Did you not see in advance how he looked down at women and belittled them.  Guess not and let's face it, damage to this country is done. 

Trump and his corrupt administration are out to make the rich richer, destroy our planet as well as our environment, and do away with the lower and middle classes.  Oh, and I forgot about this.  A vote for Trump was a vote for Russia and Putin. 

I know what's running through your mind right now, "Oh shit!  Another far left radical Democrat."  Couldn't be further from the truth.

I am a Democrat but I love/respect my country.  I love/repect our democracy.  I love/respect our laws.  I love our planet.  I love our environment.  I love wildlife.  I love both our 1st and 2nd ammendments as well as the rest of our constitution but I'm curious?  Why don't the Trump voters/supporters love what I do?  Where's the accountability for putting someone as evil and hateful as Trump into the office of the Presidency?  Where's the remorse from the Trump voters/supporters?  

I'm concerned about the continual lies from your President and the way he twists the truth on a daily basis.  I'm concerned about the way he treats our allies.  I'm concerned about Q (don't know much about it, but I'm concerned.)  I'm concerned about the hatred in this country which Trump continues to light the fire under on a daily basis.  I'm concerned about Trump and his family personally profit from their positions.  And finally, I'm not in the least bit concerned about the farmers who voted for Trump who are struggling to make ends meet with the possible loss of their farms because of Trump's tarriffs.  Votes have consequences and it's time for the Trump voters to feel the sting.  A lot of sting.  Feel a little of the "reap" for what they've sewn.  

Again, where's the accountability for the vote?  Where's the remorse?

Thanks for allowing me to vent a little.  I really think it's time for the Trump voters/supporters to step back and think a little bit about what they've done to our country rather than just shrugging their votes off.

On a different note, I would love to see a portion of your show dedicated to this topic.  "Should teachers who voted for Trump be allowed to teach our children in a classroom?"  It's an argument that's out there among educators.

Teachers are supposed to teach.  Teachers are supposed to be truthful/honest, teachers are supposed to build integrity, be great leaders, teach shared decision-making, teach community, and teach students how to be a better citizen, none of which Trump does.

My question is, how can a teacher who voted for Trump teach the values that they're supposed to teach in a classroom if they voted for Trump? It's a complete conflict of interest and I'm just throwing the topic out there.  

Thank you for your time.  Appreciate it.


And now here is my response.

I don't believe you are regular listener if you said this:

To be honest with you, I've been a little pissed at the way you supported Trump, put him on a pedestal, made him your golden calf along with millions of others, and continued to pummel Hillary Clinton.

Trump was my second to last choice in the primary.  I voted for him holding my nose.  I have been critical of him many times since the election.  So you lost me there, but I will answer the rest of your email anyway.  All of the things you said below are also true of Hillary Clinton.  She is far from a champion of women when she's not only married to a sexual predator but has actively worked to destroy the women who have come forward to accuse him of sexual malfeasance and rape.  The Clinton Foundation has made the Clintons, who "couldn't pay their mortgages" when they left office, hopelessly rich from donations from nations who were trying to curry favor when they thought she would be President.  She would have continued the disastrous economic policies that kept us averaging under 2% GDP growth for the 8 years of Obama.  She is a consummate liar who has made her living on the backs of the American people.

Trump is an a**hole.  He's pompous and boorish and a pig.  But I never doubt his love for this country.  I can't say the same about Hillary.  His economic policies have seen a quarter of 4.1% growth that whether you are aware of or not, is helping poor and middle class people.  His "handling of our allies", who we have subsidized through NATO, has lead them to FINALLY pony up for their own defense.  He is blowing up trade deals that are not in our best interest.  If you don't believe me on that, ask yourself why when Trump offered to give truly free trade with our allies, with no tariffs or industry subsidies, they balked. It happened at the G8.  Do I agree with protectionism?  No.  But with all the above accomplishments, I have to wonder if this is just part of a longer term negotiation tactic.  Unemployment is at 50 year lows and wages are finally starting to creep up.  Black and Hispanic unemployment is at all time lows.  Need I go on?  

As for your point that teachers who voted for Trump shouldn't be allowed to teach, how very 1984 of you.  That's a book, by the way.  If the teachers don't say the right thing, nay, believe the right thing, they must NOT have access to our children.  How tolerant.  How kind.  You must be proud.  Especially after all these years of children being indoctrinated by teachers whose value systems don't agree with the children's parents under the guise of academic freedom.  The mere fact that these "educators" you speak of are discussing whether to silence anyone who disagrees with them simply makes my point.  They are totalitarian hacks disguised as teachers. They should be ashamed.  

I didn't get my moral compass from Obama.  I didn't get it from George W.  And I sure as hell won't get it from Trump.  But if there's one thing I learned from Democrats in the 90s when Clinton was getting bjs from an intern, it's that the morality of a President doesn't matter, amiright?  As long as he gets the job done.  And right now, Trump is getting it done.  So pipe down with the vapors, Trump is as much the fault of the Democrat party as Republicans.  They created the bed that allowed him to grow. 

So that's how my day started.  I just thought you should know how the "other side" views you.

THAT WHOLE WOMEN DRIVING IN SAUDI ARABIA IS OFF TO A SHAKY START This is a story about a woman who bought a used car and got a driver's license only to have her friendly male neighbors burn it down.  But the real reason I include this is to dispel the notion that women have truly gained anything in Saudi Arabia.  This is the good part of the article:

But the reversal, which took effect June 24, flies against years of cultural and religious justifications trotted out by the country’s religious clerics. Allowing women to drive, they declared, would invite promiscuity. One cleric insisted driving could damage women’s ovaries, while another justified the ban on the grounds that women possessed only half a brain — and half of that was used for shopping, he claimed.

Despite the government stripping religious authorities of much of their power this year — a move that included rounding up 30 high-profile clerics — those attitudes lingered.

A YouGov survey conducted before the ban was lifted found that nearly a quarter of Saudis opposed its reversal. A video posted on Twitter featured a man swearing he would burn a woman and her car if it broke down. Others tweeted under the hashtag “You will not drive,” suggested creating a women-only lane so they could crash into each other.

Half a brain.  Half of which was used for shopping.  I hate these people.  It does however show what true oppression and lack of women's rights looks like it.  And it certainly isn't what is happening in the US today. 

ANOTHER UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME PROJECT BITES THE DUST This one in Ontario, Canada.  The program was supposed to be three years, but the plug has been pulled after only one.  The reason?  It's not "sustainable".  Read that as "it's too expensive".  The people on the program are mad, the progressives who love to spend other people's money are mad too.  Those progressives just lost a big election to the conservatives who pulled the plug.  This is a dog that just won't hunt.

JIM GAFFIGAN DOESN'T LIKE HIKING And of course it's hilarious.

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