Wait Until You Hear How Congress Wastes OUR Money

THE CONGRESSIONAL PIG BOOK IS OUT AND EARMARKS ARE BACK! Get ready to be FURIOUS when you hear about how flagrantly the federal government wastes our money.  We are running a nearly TRILLION dollar deficit right now, and the ways they spend are simply mind boggling.  I wish everyone would just read the summary and share it with all their friends.  

ARE WE PUTTING TOO MUCH PRESSURE TO SUCCEED ON OUR KIDS?  This is something I wonder about as I have a nine year old who leans towards perfectionism.  And I don't say that as an accolade.  I worry that pressure to be perfect is not a good thing for many kids (although I know some people who thrive with that kind of challenge) and this mom wrote down exactly what I was thinking.  I think telling kids to always try their hardest and do their best is important, but have we gone too far?  

HE'S GONNA NEED A BIGGER PADDLEBOARD As Americans seem to be overly fascinated with sharks, this photo in this article should keep some people out of the water in Cape Cod.  

TRUMP WANTS MUELLER'S INVESTIGATION SHUT DOWN And though I don't blame him for wanting some sort of end to this, this is not a good move politically.  And it puts Republicans in the mid terms in tough spot because they will asked if they support Trump on this, which could be politically tricky regardless of the makeup of their districts.  I, too, am ready for an end to this, as I am quite tired of the wildly speculative headlines like this one that never quite seem to come to fruition.  

HERE'S A HANDY LIST OF THOSE HEADLINES I MENTIONED ABOVE After I wrote the above blurb I saw this handy guide of many (but not all, that would take too long) headlines predicting the THING that was going to end Donald Trump.  Enjoy reading them here

EVEN SOCIALISTS ADMIT SOCIALISM FAILS In this case it's the failure of a president in Venezuela Nicolas Maduro.  He wants his "comrades" to come up with solutions to the 18% drop in GDP this year.  That's the fourth year of double digit shrinkage, fyi.  There is a solution, it's called "capitalism".  I sure hope someone asks Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez about this, although American socialists really believe it failed because the wrong people were in charge.  


GOODBYE MOVIE PASS, WE HARDLY KNEW YOU Dave the Intrepid was an early adopter of Movie Pass, the monthly membership club that cost $9.99 and allowed you to go see a movie at a theater EVERY DAY.  The business model is a flop and it appears that Movie Pass may soon go the way of the dodo bird. 

WILL CONGRESSMAN JARED POLIS COME CLEAN ABOUT HOW MUCH MONEY HE HAS?  Sure it's not required, and he fills out all of the required estimations faithfully by all accounts, but his wealth has grown considerably while he's been in office.  Should he have to answer questions about where he made his money and his investments?  He was at the forefront of demanding Trump release his tax returns, so should he lead by example? 

PLEASE DON'T BUY INTO THE STUPIDITY OVER 3D GUNS You can read the breakdown on the shoddy reporting over this story here

WE'RE THE THIRD HAPPIEST PLACE IN THE COUNTRY!  At least according to a new survey.  Who beat us?  Minnesota at number 1 and...um...South Dakota(?) at number 2.  We need to get happier people, we've got two spaces to climb! 

IT'S ONLY WESTERN COLORADO AFTER ALL A kerfuffle has erupted after Rep. Jared Polis has declined to appear at the Club 20 debate this year on the Western Slope.  This will be great urban-rural divide fodder for the Stapleton campaign.  And not for nothing, I HATE when someone offers to send a surrogate and always turn them down.  It's stupid.  

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, COLORADO!  YOU DON'T LOOK A DAY OVER 141 It's Colorado Day today!  142 years ago we became a state and I'm darn glad we did.  9News has collected some fun facts for you here.

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