Trump is Schmoozing Putin at Our Expense

I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND WHY THE LEFT THINKS TRUMP IS IN PUTIN'S POCKET After today's press conference.  This was ridiculous.  The President of the United States of America said the President for Life former KGB chief who likely sanctions the murder of journalists and others was more trustworthy than our own intelligence agencies.  He said this:

'He just said it's not Russia. I will say this: I don't see any reason why it would be.' 

If you chafed at Obama bowing to other world leaders, than our President essentially kneeling before Putin must make you sick.  I don't know why Trump would behave this way, but if it was an attempt to demonstrate that Putin doesn't have some sort of dirt on him, it was an epic fail.  You can watch the press conference here.  And then he said our lousy relations with Russia WERE OUR FAULT?  Just no.  


THIS BODY LANGUAGE EXPERT SAYS TRUMP'S WORDS MAY NOT BE WHAT TO WATCH Take it for what it's worth, a body language expert says these two world leaders aren't as cozy as they say.  Please let this be true. 

CDOT'S MICHAEL LEWIS IS ON AT 2PM So email me your questions if you can't call. and you can email Michael at 

THE NEW YORK CITY MINIMUM WAGE INCREASE IS KILLING RESTAURANTS Because that's what a minimum wage hike does first.  A very busy coffee shop has been broken by the double whammy of Obamacare mandates and a new insane minimum wage and they are simply shutting their doors.  This leaves 150 employees with neither health insurance or the old minimum wage.  I wonder which one they'd rather have right now? 

THIS IS WHAT YOU GET WHEN YOU JUST SPOUT PROGRESSIVE TALKING POINTS But have no idea what they actually mean.  New Democrat darling Alexandra Ocasio-Perez was on Firing Line spouting off about the Israeli occupation of Palestine and when pressed on it, had no clue what she was spouting.  Watch it by linking here


I GO ON VACATION THIS FRIDAY Which means I have to get 14 days worth of work done in 4 days.  Why is it so hard to go on vacation???  I need all these now.  RIGHT NOW.

SO HOW TO AVERAGE BRITS FEEL ABOUT TRUMP'S VISIT?  I have a friend who just got this email from his friend who is a 40 something year old business owning Brit.  It certainly gives a different perspective. 

Dearest **** and ****,

Once again I feel compelled to forward you a missive to re align, re affirm, and vocalise the respect and depth of feeling that a MAJORITY of my fellow Countrymen have for the USA and for the office of President. I would also like to make the point that your current President has a great deal of support here as an individual on a personal level. He is an unconventional maverick and can sometimes, I think not be particularly articulate in getting His message across. But His failings in that particular department are superseded by His obvious sense of patriotism and willingness to say ,publicly, what most normal hard working tax paying people are thinking, and have been doing so for a very long time. We have suffered the wrath of the liberal, left wing, over educated elitists here for decades and decades, and under the tenure of blair this left wing fascism grew at an expediential rate. Our education system has been steered and formed by them and their ideals , instructing our millennial generation that any form of opposition to this most insidious doctrine is, racist, homophobic, Islamophobic,etc, etc . This mind set is unwavering and tyrannical in it's enforcement, and it's implementation has been very very successful , the result being the hollow shambles that my beleaguered Country has become today. Were these idiots and their diminutive plebiscite cohort mr sadiq khan.. to take a very short glance over their shoulder and have a glance at recent history, they would discover that in Northern France there are thousands and thousands of graves inscribed with the name, rank and number of American soldiers, sailors, and airmen who gave their blood and bones when standing along side us in the defence of our soil. Unfortunately there none so blind as those that cannot see!! In honour of this overwhelming and selfless sacrifice not to mention our historical entwinement , every respect and reverence should be afforded to the office of President of the USA by my Country, irrelevant as to which side of the political divide any current President stands on. The disrespect and discourteous conduct of mr khan and his ill educated ilk is NOT a representation of MY COUNTRY OR OF MY PEOPLE !!! Please assure your fellow Countrymen that there are those of us here who still revere our history, our shared values and our friendship .And we will never forget or disregard our Cousins across the pond. I would be very grateful if you could forward this message to your fellow Countrymen and their families, and afford them our sincere love and best wishes

Humbly and Most Sincerely Yours,



IT'S OFFICIAL, DIE HARD IS NOT A CHRISTMAS MOVIE And none other than Bruce Willis himself put this misconception to bed.  

HERE ARE SOME OF THE HIGH POINTS OF AMAZON PRIME DAY In case the rest of you haven't developed the Amazon problem I have.  Which is I use it too much.  Here's some help for your newbies.

JAGUAR GOES ON KILLING SPREE.  IN A ZOO. A jaguar escaped from his enclosure at a New Orleans zoo and killed nine other animals.  Talk about fish in a barrel. 

A TINY TOWN IS WORRIED AN ICEBERG MIGHT CALVE AND DROWN THEM And I might be sharing this story so I could write that headline, but the story is very interesting nonetheless.  It's another example of an entire community holding their breath while Mother Nature threatens.  

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