Hellloooooo, Friday! And Congress EXPLODED yesterday.

HOLY MARY THIS WAS THE MOST FIERY HOUSE COMMITTEE MEETING I'VE EVER SEEN Disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok appeared before a House committee about the series of text messages he sent that certainly appear to indicate that he had a significant bias against candidate Trump.  You really should watch this entire exchange with Rep. Trey Gowdy. 

Then you can watch Rep. Louis Gohmert and the insane Democrat outburst that occurred during the same meeting.

Hollleeee cow.  This was just about WWE level stuff here.  And if you ever thought that it was just Americans who were polarized, just watch these members of Congress fight like children. Wow. Click this link to see why I wanted to smack Peter Strzok the entire time.

THE MUELLER TEAM INDICTED MORE PEOPLE THEY WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO TRY  Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein made the announcement of the indictment of 12 Russian military officers who have been charged with various crimes related to their attempts to hack into servers related to the elections.  They are ALL in Russia, and there is a zero percent chance they will ever be brought to the US successfully for prosecution.  Unless they do so voluntarily, which WHY WOULD THEY.  By the way, the first 13 Russians have demanded a speedy trial but the Mueller team asked for and got a continuance for 90 days in May.  I wonder why if these cases are so solid?  This smacks of significant showboating. 

THIS HEADLINE SHOULD MAKE EVERY TAXPAYER SICK And I'm not joking, you should feel phyiscally ill reading this:

Feds Collect Record Individual Income Taxes Through June; Still Run $607B Deficit

The Federal Government has plenty of our money.  They just spend it like crap.  And I am still waiting for all you Trumpets who told me Trump was going to reign in our spending to apologize.  I'm waiting.  Here is a handy list of things you could buy with the Federal Government's budget deficit for the month of June alone.  Spoiler alert: it's a lot. 

YOU REALLY SHOULD GO LISTEN TO WHAT TRUMP SAID BEFORE YOU FREAK OUT The British media is all aflutter with reaction to what President Donald Trump said in an interview with the British tabloid The Sun.  I am still genuinely confused as to why anyone on the Trump team would allow an interview with the consistently anti-Trump paper in the first place, but whatev.  Click through and go listen to what he said.  If this sort of blunt conversation gives the Brits the vapors maybe they don't need to be such close friends of ours.  Toughen up, buttercups.  And the notion that criticizing the actions taken by Teresa May are criticisms OF Teresa May are not accurate.  You can criticize the decision making without criticizing the person. 

GUESS WHICH DEMOCRATS ARE AGAINST ABOLISHING ICE?  That would the Hispanic Democratic Caucus in the House of Representatives.  They voted against this policy, saying it wouldn't solve anything.  I am in complete agreement with this position.  

NETWORKS WHO DON'T UNDERSTAND THE PURPLE HEART IGNORE DEMOCRAT DIMINISHING IT During the insane Peter Strzok hearings one Democrat actually suggested that Strzok be awarded a Purple Heart for his testimony in bruising hearing.  Rep. Steve Cohen was the moron who likened tough questioning to being wounded in combat.  But I guess when John Kerry's paper cuts are your only standard for the Purple Heart it's easy to be confused.  Oddly, not one of the major networks covered it.  Oddly. 

WANT TO SEE A BALLGAME?  BEST GET OUT YOUR WALLET This column is about something I already know, and that is that live events, both sporting and musical, are too damn expensive.  And yet, we still go.  I think there are still ways to save on games, like the Rockies Value pack.  But yes, it's too expensive overall.  

AMERICANS LIKE TRUMP'S IMMIGRATION POLICY.  According to a new poll from the Washington Post anyway.   From the article:

The finding suggests most Americans agree with the Justice Department’s request to a federal court to allow Immigration and Customs Enforcement to hold families with children in detention together until their cases are adjudicated. Doing so would require modifying a long-standing court settlement that requires children to be released from detention facilities within 20 days.

As The Post’s Maria Sacchetti and Tony Perry reported Monday, a federal judge in California sharply rebuked that request. The result is that reunited families will be released and allowed to stay in the United States pending further immigration proceedings — “the exact opposite of what President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions had hoped to accomplish when they launched the ‘zero tolerance’ effort in May.”

Despite the legal setback, the Post-Schar School poll shows broad support for the policy Trump administration lawyers pushed for, including among a wide range of political groups. Keeping immigrant families in detention rather than releasing them garners support from 74 percent of Republicans and 60 percent of independents. Democrats — 89 percent of whom disapprove of Trump’s handling of immigration — are almost evenly split on the question, with 49 percent saying families should be detained, while 50 percent say they should be temporarily released.

There is little gender gap on the question, with 59 percent of men and 57 percent of women preferring to detain immigrant families together until their case is resolved. That compares with child-parent separations, about which women were 25 percentage points more likely than men to say they “strongly opposed” (65 percent vs. 40 percent).

We don't want catch and release and I doubt there is any justification for it in the Constitution.  

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