It's Supreme Court Tuesday!

JUDGE BRETT KAVANAUGH IS ON DECK FOR THE SUPREME COURT If you missed the announcement last night and Kavanaugh's subsequent comments they are worth a watch.  

What a nice guy, right?  Except he's the devil, just ask Twitter.  The Left had their pre-written press releases ready to go, just fill in the blank with the horrible name.  Do yourself a favor, don't watch any of the talking heads discuss Brett Kavanaugh.  Read some of his decisions that everyone is talking about for yourself.  Here is an article from the New York Times with a fairly decent overview of the whole thing.  Oh, and that story about Kennedy and Trump conspiring to replace Kennedy with Kavanaugh is completely wrong.  If you are interested specifically in how Kavanaugh views the 2nd Amendment, this a GREAT piece on just that. 

OUTSIDE MAGAZINE MUST BE STOPPED!  They have named FIVE TOWNS in Colorado as some of the Best Places to Live for outdoorsy types.  I'm going to beg an Associate Editor to take it back at 2pm.  

125 DENVER FAMILIES WON THE LOTTERY ON YOUR TAX DOLLAR DIME! Because the Denver City Council decided to give them subsidies to pay their rent.  I'm not sure how these 125 families are going to chosen, but one must wonder if any of them have any connections to those who work in the housing department in the city.  This is a rotten idea.  And yet another reason I don't live in Denver.  

UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME IS GETTING A TRIAL RUN IN STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA As 100 lucky residents who supposedly will be chosen randomly will get $500 a month for doing nothing.  The theory is that this windfall will free them up to pursue their passions or something.  We'll check back in a couple of years to see if they've cured cancer.  

ONE CALIFORNIA CAMPUS IS TRYING TO ELIMINATE THE SCOURGE OF WHITE PEOPLE And could you IMAGINE the outcry if the headline here was that there were too many black people on campus.  Or Asian people?  Or Hispanic people?  But because it's a story about a college trying to lessen the number of honkies all is well.

WOULD THIS TEST MAKE YOU LIVE A HEALTHIER LIFE OR JUST GIVE IN TO ALL YOUR BAD HABITS?  There is a blood test now that does a stunningly good job determining how much longer you have to live.  It uses your bodies markers to determine your biological age by checking certain markers.  This can be different from your chronological age.  I totally want to take this test.  How about you?

IT'S WEEKEND AT BERNIE'S TEENAGER EDITION In what I'll call an interesting choice by a Louisiana family, they had their teenage son embalmed and propped up wearing a basketball jersey and playing video games.  Whatever makes you happy in your time of loss.  Here's a photo of the deceased. 

I SURE HOPE ZUCKERBERG IS SAVING SOME OF HIS MONEY Because the teens don't love Facebook anymore.  It's just for us old people now.  

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