Hello Monday! Let's Kick This Week's Booty!

TRUMP WENT TO BIG SKY COUNTRY And my friend Karen went to see the President speak.  What was it like?  She'll join me at 2pm with the lowdown.

THE #WALKAWAY MOVEMENT MUST BE REAL Because a whole lot of people on the left keep telling me it's not.  In this column from the Washington Post, it's dismissed as Russian bots because ONE TWEET MAY BE FAKE.  From the paywalled article:

As the Internet fragments, our understanding of what it means to go “viral” has become complicated, and increasingly meaningless. A hashtag claiming to capture a movement among liberals has gone viral, in this case, almost exclusively on the right-wing Internet, as a reinforcement of one of its binding ideas.

There’s little actual evidence to suggest that #WalkAway represents a mass conversion of millions — or even thousands — of Democrats to the Trump Train since Straka’s video. Instead, the #WalkAway hashtag is going Conservative Internet viral on the same hope driving recent pro-Trump support of Kanye West: that the country is on the verge of a mass conversion to conservative thought, a Great Awakening of sorts. And the thing about anticipating an awakening is that it never actually has to happen for the idea of it to go viral.

Got that?  As for "actual evidence" what is she looking for?  Perhaps a huge march would do the trick in convincing the left that a movement is real.  Whoopsie, that's no good.  Read how Politico dismissed the Tea Party back in the day.  It just seems that if anything could possibly, maybe benefit or paint conservative thought in a positive way, it must be hot garbage.  I have no idea how many liberals are actually truly #walkaway members, but if I were a liberal I might want to simply CONSIDER the idea that they are.  But whatev.  

THIS IS A GREAT COLUMN ON HOW GOVERNMENT STIFLES SUCCESS And it is a great example of how the Large and Unhidden Hand of Government stifles entrepreneurship and keeps people from achieving at the highest levels.  And it's really short too.  Read it here

TRUMP WILL ANNOUNCE HIS SUPREME COURT PICK TONIGHT! You can hear it here tonight on KOA and we shall discuss him or her tomorrow.  

CHANGE IS HARD, EVEN FOR MISS AMERICA There is turmoil in the Miss America Organization as those who disagree with the new swimsuit and evening gown-less pageant are voicing their opinions.  Only a lot of former Miss America's agree with the new direction.  This is going to be the prettiest ugly battle ever.  

NOW WHERE AM I SUPPOSED TO BUY A SIX YEAR OLD CHEESEBURGER?? Because Ebay has pulled the auction for the six year old McDonald's Cheeseburger after it hit $150.  Who are these idiots bidding and is there something old laying around I can sell them instead?   



TWO HEADLINES TELL TWO STORIES But the stories aren't about the news contained within, but about the publications themselves.  I grabbed these two headlines from RealClearPolitics.com's July 9th daily wrapup:

Making America Unemployed Again     Jamie Lincoln Kitman, New York Times

Good News: People Returning to the Labor Force in Droves   Evan Kraft, The Hill

The New York Times did an entire article on Trump's tariffs and how they COULD mean the loss of jobs in the US.  It's all about car makers who make a lot of cars OUTSIDE the US talking about how this could hurt their profits.  Which is rich, as the New York Times rarely, if EVER, comes to the defense of corporate profits.  This as The Hill talks about how the booming jobs market has more people coming back INTO the labor force after years away.  A tale of two stories of employment, a tale of two news media outlets who view doing the news a different way. 

WHY YES, NIKKI HALEY IS A STAR AT THE UN And here's hoping everyone reads this column and begins to realize she may have the chops necessary to be a great POTUS.  Fingers crossed. 

HOW TRUMP BECAME SO TRUMPY This is a very interesting take on how Donald Trump became Donald Trump. 




MILLENIALS LOVE SOCIALISM BUT AREN'T MAKING ENOUGH BABIES TO PAY FOR IT Why are millenials fascinated with socialism?  I think a big part is they aren't being taught the realities of socialism at any level.  But this column uses millenial views on marriage and family as a sort of barometer for the entire generation.  I've got thoughts on this.  


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