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WE ARE GOING TO CLASS UP THE JOINT WITH SOME GILBERT AND SULLIVAN TODAY As the Empire Lyric Players are on today to talk about this years performance.  Find out more here.  And here are The Simpsons doing HMS Pinafore or something. 

FREE SPEECH IS A THREAT.  TO THE PROGRESSIVE LEFT. Allow me a moment of moral superiority to my friends on the Progressive Left (PL).  Throughout my career I have always been a staunch free speech advocate.  And I have extended that support to some people I vehemently disagreed with.  Now we know (well some of us have known for years) that those on the PL love free speech ONLY when it's being exercise on THEIR side.  This column does a very fine job of delineating just how far from true support of free speech the PL really is.  If you don't truly support free speech you know it's mostly because you can't make a coherent and winning argument for your position.  I happen to believe I can do that for my positions.  Unlike unions....

UNIONS HAVE TO USE THREATS AND INTIMIDATION INSTEAD OF PERSUASION Don't believe me?  Then why do they place giant, nasty rats outside businesses who don't want to play ball with unions?  Why do they menace instead of persuade?  Force union dues rather than earn them?  Good column here asking those same questions.  

LEFT WING GROUPS ARE SAD ABOUT LOSING ALL THAT UNION MONEY That the public sector unions said they didn't spend on supporting liberal causes.  That was the argument made repeatedly about why they should be allowed to force people who didn't agree with the unions to give them money.  Now it seems the real truth is unfolding, and it's exactly what those unhappy non-union members said it was.  

THE JOBS NUMBERS ARE PRETTY GOOD THIS MONTH And beat analysts expectations.  I am not sold on how the BLS does its survey though.  I've been skeptical since Obama was POTUS.  And there are issues in this survey we should pay attention to.  There has to be a better way to do this.  

SCOTT PRUITT IS OUT AS HEAD OF THE EPA AND IT'S REALLY HIS OWN FAULT This story from Politico outlines why Scott Pruitt finally had to resign as the head of the EPA and it really should be a cautionary tale for other members of Trump's team.  When you are tasked with completely overhauling an agency which is the darling of the Left, you better be darn sure you do EVERYTHING by the book and always and forever err on the side of the rules.  Scott Pruitt sure didn't do that.  

WHY DO THOSE FIREWORKS TURN DIFFERENT COLORS ANYWAY?  I have to thank an emailer for sending me this story, because it's a good one.  This explains what minerals cause fireworks to explode into different colors.  

THIS HAS TO BE THE STUPIDEST CASE OF TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME EVER This idiotic columnist for the Guardian is blaming Trump for not going to gym.  Not HIS not going to the gym, HER not going to the gym.  You can read it here, but my interpretation of this claptrap is she got embarrassed by the owner of her gym who predicted correctly that Trump would win and has now decided to blame Trump for her falling out of shape from not going back to the gym.  Whatever.  

THE TOLERANT PROGRESSIVE FILMED ATTACKING A TEEN HAS BEEN ARRESTED If you haven't seen the video of Kino Jimenez ripping the MAGA hat off a teenager yet, it's a doozy.  

Kino Jimenez has been arrested for his actions.  Someone put up a GoFundme page for this loser and then thought better of it and took it down.  I'm surprised there isn't already a fund set up by Maxine Waters to pay people who do this kind of stuff, like the Palestinians pay people to attack Jews.  


COULD IVF SAVE THE NORTHERN WHITE RHINO? This is really cool.  Scientists are trying to save an essentially extinct species using the same techniques they use to help human mamas who have trouble getting pregnant.  I hope this works!  


BUT CAN THEY TOUCH MC HAMMER?  NASA is getting ready to send a probe to "touch" the Sun after they say they've got heat shields that can take the heat.  It will allegedly get within 4 million miles of the sun, which is closer than the planet Mercury gets by about 25 million miles.  I'm just including this story so I could write this headline. 

IF YOU LIKE PANTERA AND BILL WITHERS, YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS No, this isn't my normal blog fare, but I am so impressed by the audio editing skills of the person who made this mashup I have to share.  Also it's my favorite Bill Withers songs with one of the few Pantera songs I really like.  But it's screamy and growly so if that's not your thing you've been warned.

MONTY PYTHON'S TERRY GILLIAM IS NOW A BLACK LESBIAN NAMED LORETTA 'Tis true.  In response to the BBC's controller of comedy commissioning (yes, that's a thing, I just cut and pasted it) saying that Monty Python would never get the go ahead these days because it's six white guys, Gilliam has demanded it be known he is a black lesbian named Loretta from henceforth.  And this is why I love Monty Python.  Great story about that story and John Cleese's subsequent responses on Twitter here

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