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SOMEONE ALERT THE VIRTUE SIGNALERS, AN ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT IS BEING HELD In this case I'm guessing you won't see any marches or demands to release the ICE hold issued on this inmate.  Why?  Because he's a white, Danish illegal immigrant who started a pretty significant wildfire.  No one is saying much but my guess is he's a guy who overstayed his visa and is now a criminal.  And now he's an arsonist.  ICE holds are bad, but I'm guessing this ICE hold isn't going to get much play from any of the normal suspects who show up to declare such things inherently racist.  Because he's white.  And this case pretty clearly demonstrates why we have ICE holds on people who do bad things, regardless of their ethnicity.  

MEXICO WENT ALL TRUMPY IN THEIR ELECTION And much like the US, they elected an outside from a party of his own creation in a total rejection of the status quo in Mexico.  AMLO as Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is known in Mexico, campaigned on ending corruption and protecting the poor while not upsetting the Mexican economy.  Maybe you heard that he advocated an invasion of the US by Mexicans.  Not quite.  This is what he said,

" ‘And soon, very soon — after the victory of our movement — we will defend all the migrants in the American continent and all the migrants in the world,’ López Obrador said, adding that immigrants ‘must leave their towns and find a life in the United States.’ He then declared it as ‘a human right we will defend.’ "

Which is sort of sad that he doesn't also say he's going to address the WHY of people who "must leave their towns".  We'll see how this all shakes out soon.  

NO, POT DIDN'T DRAW ALL THE HOMELESS CRIMINALS HERE This is an interesting survey, albeit a small one, of homeless inmates in Colorado.  In trying to get a handle on homeless people who commit crimes, it helps to know what motivates them.  Good to know that only 33% of them were enticed here by legal pot, and not surprising to know that most of them struggle with mental illness and addiction issues.  So now what do we do?  That 33% is why I sure hope that other states join us in legalization so they can all go home.  

ROCKIES ACE JON GRAY IS GETTING AN ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT IN THE MINORS And if you're in the mood to read a baseball stat laden analysis of why, read this.  But let me shorten it up for you.  Jon Gray is a tremendous talent who can't work out of a jam right now so he's being sent to the minors to get his head right.  I sure hope it works, both for the Rockies and for Jon.  I'm rooting for him to figure this stuff out.  

SPEND SPEND SPEND THE MONEY!  LEST THEY TAKE IT AWAY.  This story is why the size of government will never shrink.  The Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS) has proposed that county agencies increase cash welfare payments to families by 10 percent through the federal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program.  Why?  Many counties have saved a considerable amount in reserves right now, and that's a problem.  Why?  From later in the article (emphasis mine):

Pressure to increase spending appears to be partially due to Congress revisiting welfare reform, which still funds TANF for another five years. Supporters of increasing spending include the anti-poverty group the Colorado Center on Law and Policy. It argues that the poorest families need the extra money, and not spending it might send the wrong message to D.C.

And there you have it.  If they don't spend it, or try to save it for later when they might REALLY need it, it could hurt their revenue chances going forward.  

WANT TO KNOW HOW TO HELP POOR PEOPLE?  LET THEM BE FREE. In a completely unsurprising finding the nations which are the most free are also the best places to be poor.  Read the entire breakdown here

DID YOU KNOW TRUMP SUGGESTED DROPPING ALL TARIFFS?  And all trade barriers?  He said it to the other G7 leaders at the G7 summit where we all saw Trump sitting down and the other world leaders scowling at him.  Oddly, the same leaders who are now barking about Trump's tariffs balked at the notion they should drop all of their own subsidies and tariffs that harm the US producers.  That's so weird.  Isn't it? 

YOU CAN SEE THE CHANGE HAPPENING IN THIS INTERVIEW If you don't know Dave Rubin, he was a former liberal darling turned conservative commentator who was recently asked what event "changed" him.  He said this interview with Larry Elder was a big a-ha moment.  You can actually see the dawning happening in Rubin.

FIXING HIGHER ED MEANS TEACHING ENTREPRENEURSHIP And not just to business majors.  This column by the founder of Home Depot makes the case for universities to up their game when it comes to teaching the benefits of entrepreneurship and capitalism throughout the curricula of every college.  I agree, but I also realize college is more about creating good soldiers than leader these days.  It's why A students work for C students.  Read more about that here

MEET THE CONTENDERS FOR THE SUPREME COURT This is a pretty good quick overview. I'm still rooting for a non-white or female nominee just to watch the left squirm on how to make them seem like a racist sexist.  

IT'S EAT WITH YOUR HANDS TIME IN SEATTLE As the world's most virtuous city bans plastic straws AND utensils.  I'm guessing the food truck culture is going to be hardest hit by this.  But this is yet another reason I don't live in Seattle.  Not because they ban stuff, but because they don't care who they hurt with these stupid bans and taxes.  

PEOPLE MUST HAVE STOPPED PAYING ATTENTION TO MICHELLE WOLF The "comedienne" is trying to regain her time in the spotlight after the White House Correspondence Dinner kerfuffle is over by attacking Ivanka Trump in the most vile of terms.  It's not surprising.  Or funny.  But I'm sure someone will cackle themselves to sleep over it's perceived cleverness. 


THE OFFICIAL SPECULATION ABOUT HICK RUNNING FOR PRES IS OFF AND RUNNING Even if Hick is not quite up and running yet.  Or is he going to run for Cory Gardner's seat?  I say he wants to be POTUS and the Dems really have no middle of the road candidate to tout otherwise.  If the mid terms turn out badly for progressive Dems, expect Hick to move into the Favorites column for the Dems.  


GET READY FOR ANOTHER 21 RULES FOR FOURTH OF JULY WIFFLE BALL GAMES If you missed the first one, it's linked in this one.  Just some helpful rules to keep things civil.  

WHY DON'T HOTELS MAKE BED COMFORT THEIR TOP PRIORITY?  Over the weekend we stayed in a hotel in the mountains for a night.  The front desk staff was nice, the hotel was clean, the towels were fluffy and the shower was great.  But the BED.  OMG the BED.  I realize I've been spoiled by my Innomax bed, but this thing was like sleeping on a cardboard box.  I did a review on the hotel's website asking why, when you have ONE job, which is to provide a place for people to SLEEP, they skimp on beds and sheets.  This does not make sense to me at all. 

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