Let's Have a Free for All Friday!

HAVE YOU EVER HEARD ABOUT DENTAL TOURISM?  My guest today at 2pm is Dr. Ramon Duran a dentist from Puerto Rico about the growing number of people who are flying to resort destinations to get dental work done on the cheap.  He'll help you understand how to find the right care at the right price!

THERE WAS A SHOOTING BUT IT TURNED OUT IT WASN'T TRUMP'S FAULT SO WE'VE MOVED ON And it also seems that the same government liberals want to disarm us for our own safety once again missed warning signs so big they were practically billboards.  What was remarkable was the speed with which the shooting was immediately blamed on Milo and Trump with absolutely NO information about motive or the shooter yet available.  It must be nice to be psychic.  Since the entire world has moved on, I'm guessing the left decided he wasn't the right sort of shooting to move forward their agenda.  Shame.  

I'M ALL FOR VARYING STANDARDS OF BEAUTY But...but...I just can't with this.


WHEN IS DISCRIMINATION COOL?  CNN HAS A HANDY LIST!  Spoiler alert, you have to be part of a protected class to force someone to give you service against their will.  This is sort of nice to know where you can and can't refuse service to someone because you disagree with them.  Or they are ugly. That's not a protected class.  

JONAH GOLDBERG IS 100 PERCENT RIGHT ABOUT THE FREAK OUT OVER KENNEDY'S RETIREMENT And it's almost exactly the same way I feel about the freak out over the Presidency.  We have given the Supreme Court too much power.  We have given the President too much power.  We have three branches of government for a reason, and the retirement of one man should not cause so much consternation.  Read Jonah's excellent analysis here

NEXT THEY WANT TO ABOLISH THE ARMY BECAUSE IT'S JUST A KILLING FORCE The Democrats have decided they FINALLY want to shrink the size of government!  The movement to abolish ICE is on in force from Democratic players like Bill de Blasio and Kirsten Gillibrand calling for something newer of a kinder, gentler nature.  Gillibrand also had this to say:

"I believe that [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] has become a deportation force … and that's why I believe you should get rid of it, start over, reimagine it and build something that actually works,"

Um, what is ICE's job if not to deport people?  

WILL THIS BE READY IN 21 DAYS?  Because I would love to have earbuds that translate foreign languages when I go on the Mandy Connell trip in 21 days.

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