It's Stapleton V. Polis In a Battle for Colorado's Soul

JARED POLIS AND WALKER STAPLETON WANT TO BE GOVERNOR And they are on opposite sides of the ideological spectrum.  This should be interesting.  We shall discuss.  

WALKER IS ON AT 2PM Just so you know.  

NEGATIVE ADS SWAYED MY VOTE I live in Douglas County and there was a hotly contested race for a County Commission seat down here.  Some PAC ran an attack ad on Abe Laydon, who was primarying the incumbent who had been appointed to the seat.  I hadn't given much thought to that race until I saw the ad attacking Laydon for a DWI stop and his refusal to take a breathalzyzer.  It made me do MUCH more research on the candidates and I ended up voting for Laydon.  Not BECAUSE of the ad, but because I liked his positions, which I may not have researched nearly as much if I hadn't seen the ad.  But I will admit, that ad did make me WANT to vote for Laydon, simply because it existed.

THE SUPREME COURT MAY HAVE GUTTED PUBLIC SECTOR UNIONS I'm not saying this is the beginning of the end of public sector unions but it very well could be.  The Janus decision says public sector unions can no longer take money from employees who don't want to belong.  We will be watching how this shakes out closely.  

I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS CHAKA KHAN SONG Yes, a NEW Chaka Khan song is OUT and it's a giant ball of fluffy summer joy and fun.  And the video is mesmerizing too, even though no one gets shot.  The music of my generation > the music of this generation (said every old person ever, including me now)

HOLY COW, NOW ANNABEL BOWLEN HAS ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE That's a lot for one family to deal with.  I admire her for making her diagnosis public as soon as she got it, although I'm not sure what more the Bowlen family could do to raise awareness about this awful disease.  

IF IT'S OKAY TO DISCRIMINATE AND DOX PEOPLE NOW, THE RIGHT SHOULD GET CRACKING! I heard the story of Sarah Sanders being asked to leave a Virginia restaurant and I was actually excited because now discrimination when you disagree with someone's choices is okay now!  And when I read about the professor who put together a list of all ICE employees so they could be easily targeted, I rejoiced because now we can simply make a list of everyone who works for Planned Parenthood and urge people to go after them!  This will be AWESOME!!  I can't wait to live in this society, especially because I already have my carry concealed permit.  Hooray!  (all of the above is "sarcasm", which used to be a pointed form of humor before the PC police released the names and addresses of everyone who used so they could be killed) (that last part was sarcasm too.  Or was it?)

THE WAY THE ELDERLY ARE DYING IS CHANGING And this article makes it seem all well and good, but there is a darker side to the whole thing.  More people are dying at home now than in hospitals at the end of their lives.  The last ditch heroic measures are becoming less and less frequent for a few reasons.  One, I think more people are simply not wanting them at the end of their lives.  Two, changes from Obamacare to Medicare are forcing hospitals to not do them.  But ultimately it's because we've recognized the futility of trying to extend the life of an 80+ year old person who has many medical issues.  I know I'd rather die at home than in a hospital.  I don't know if I will ever NOT hate hospitals after what my dad went through.  


A DEMOCRATIC CONGRESSWOMAN SAYS IT OKAY TO YELL F YOU TO THE PRESIDENT How do I know this?  Because she didn't fire the intern who did just that.  I wonder how Rep. Maggie Hassan would feel if someone yelled the "c" word at her?  Especially if that person worked for a Republican member?  I'm sure she would feel differently.

THE HORROR OF KERMIT GOSNELL IS COMING TO A THEATER NEAR YOU! And if you say you are remotely pro life, you need to buy a ticket and go see this thing.  Because this so-called "abortion provider" was a straight up murderer and the media had ZERO interest in pursuing this case because people might realize that abortion is actually baby murder.*  

* I normally don't use such strong language, but if you saw my earlier entry it's now okay to call people horrible names for the jobs they legally do, amiright???  

FIRST THEY CAME FOR BENNY HILL, AND I SAID NOTHING But when they came for Monty Python I grabbed a fake parrot and beat them about the head and neck with it.  Monty Python is now in the PC crosshairs.  THIS. MUST. STOP.  

A MAJORITY OF AMERICANS WANT A BORDER WALL A new CBS News poll says 51% of Americans say they want to attempt to build a wall at the southern border.  48% say it's a bad idea.  No follow up as to why it is a bad idea, but I hear some variation of "experts say it won't work" trotted out by people who really just hate the President so much they don't want him to get anything he campaigned on.  Is this the hill the Dems want to die on?  Those "experts" should check out what's happening in Europe, where a fence has kept out 100% of migrants where it's been tried in Hungary.  

I HONESTLY CAN'T IMAGINE ANYTHING MORE HORRIFYING THAN ENDLESS PICTURES OF MEN'S UNITS.  But apparently one college professor thinks it's a good way to measure men's self esteem.  Uh-huh.  Read about this study here.

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