Please Tell Me I'm Right on a Wednesday!

PLEASE TELL ME I'M RIGHT WITH CHARLES HARRINGTON ELSTER He's on at 3pm to answer all of your questions about words and grammar.  Don't miss it!

HICKENLOOPER OFFICIALLY WANTS US TO BE CALIFORNIA EAST And he's codified it into law with an Executive Order requiring us to use California's low emission standards here.  What does that mean for us?  Well California has spent a crapload of money on this:

In California, state support for the LEV program has included $2.5 billion in investments over the next seven years to include 250,000 electric-vehicle charging stations and 200 hydrogen fueling stations, and has already offered $430 million in vehicle incentives through 2017.

And this is a chickensh*t move by Hick to improve his street cred in the 2020 primary.  I sure hope the GOP seizes on this Californication by Hick and Dems.  

TRUMP WILL SIGN SOMETHING ABOUT THE BORDER But we don't know what.  The Executive Order will allegedly stop family separations at the border, but there are no details.  If I were Trump, I'd sign and then have a press conference telling Congress they have 20 days to fix the problem before we violated the Flores Settlement.  

THIS MAKES ME RIDICULOUSLY GIDDY I love it when a bully gets his and after the Southern Poverty Law Center had to fork over almost 4 million bucks to an organization it smeared, now other groups similarly smeared are considering legal action.  I. Can't. Wait.  This group of angry leftists has been hurling invective at organizations they disagree with for YEARS.  

JAMES COMEY MAY BE RIGHT ABOUT THIS EMAIL STORY He made the case to a German newspaper that HIS use of a private email account was different than former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server for official business.  I think he's right, unless he TOO transmitted classified info via that account.  Hmmmmm, did that happen?  

SEATTLE'S CITY HALL IS NOW OFFICIALLY A HOMELESS SHELTER After Seattle's head tax was repealed after threats from Amazon to leave the city, the city has decided to house homeless people in the lobby of City HallI don't know whether to laugh or cry, but I can assure you I will be watching this very closely for updates.  

OMG I LOVE NIKKI HALEY AT THE UN SO MUCH The United States has walked away from the comically names Human Rights Council at the UN because they keep letting tremendous violators join the stupid thing.  With members like Venezuela, China and now the Republic of Congo, Haley decided enough was enough and dropped the mic and walked out.  Expect a series of UN resolutions against the US in 3...2...1.... 

MATH IS A HORRIBLE DETRIMENT TO SOCIETY AND I'M STOKED I am not good at math.  I'm not horrible, but I'm not good.  But I've always suspected that math was a danger to society and now I have proof-ish!  


DID YOU HEAR ABOUT THE 4% GROWTH IN GDP PREDICTED BY THE FED?  Probably not if you watch any of the three big networks.  They skipped the good news entirely.  I wonder what would have happened if this had been predicted when Obama was POTUS?  Answer:

DEMOCRATS HELL BENT ON PROTECTING LOUSY GOVERNMENT WORKERS And of course, their unions.  POTUS has put the ball in motion on reforming the insane processes to protect horrible workers from being fired.  And needless to say, the public sector unions are SUPER unhappy about it.  And now so are Democrats.  This is a loser issue for them, but hey, it's their messaging. 

"IMPROMPTU" PROTEST?  REALLY TIMES-CALL?  Anti-energy activists shut down the Lafayette City Council meeting with a protest because they weren't getting their way.  At least that's how I read this article.  

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