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WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU KNOW ABOUT HEREDITY?  Carl Zimmer is a science writer who has a very easy to read book about the subject called She Has Her Mother's Laugh: The Powers, Perversions and Potential of Heredity.  He's on at 2pm today to discuss.  Buy the book here! 

WHY ARE WE DETAINING ILLEGAL ENTRANTS AT THE BORDER? Depending on your political persuasion the answer may vary.  I reject "because we're a horrible country which mistreats people".  I did some digging and found some useful information about why we're in a zero tolerance situation right now.  The best overview of the mess our Immigration courts has become is found here.  It's a long report, but worth reading.  The ONLY way to insure that people show up 100% of the time for immigration court is detention.  Otherwise we are looking at an average rate of 37% Failure to Appear in immigration court since 1996.  There are some other options like ankle monitoring and constant checking in and supervision, but the only sure fire way is to detain people until their claims can be heard.  We have to take the emotion out of this conversation so we can make good decisions about how to handle this.  

BRINGING COLLEGE STUDENTS TO MAIN STREET AMERICA IS AMAZING And Selena Zito is doing it with a project with Harvard.  This is how we bridge the divides being exacerbated by politics.  By people meeting people.  

I HOPE MORE GROUPS GO AFTER THE SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER Like the Quilliam Foundation did when they were falsely named a "hate group" by this shady operation.  Now the SPLC has to pay $3.375 million to Quilliam in a settlement designed to stave off a lawsuit for naming Quilliam a "hate group" in their bogus list they send out to useful idiot media outlets.  Unfortunately, the SPLC has a crapload of money in offshore accounts from which to continue their nakedly political endeavors so this won't matter much.  But if it becomes a "thing" and other groups falsely named by them get in on the act, this thing may work.  

HERE'S DENNIS PRAGER DOING JUST THAT While explaining how PragerU has been unfairly impugned by the SLPC with absolutely no basis in reality.  

PREPARE TO BE FELT UP BY THE TSA THIS SUMMER As they are already warning passengers to expect longer than normal delays and are recommending you arrive 90 minutes early for your flight now. If you have a knee or hip replacement like my mom does, you should expect to be groped by a TSA agent as my mother (who is 74 and very nice, btw) has been the last four times she's flown.  If it actually worked, I'd be okay with it, but the failure rate for TSA is still far too high for me to be okay with my mother's boobs and vagina being grabbed.  

THE WASHINGTON POST TRIES TO EXPLAIN AWAY FBI TEXT MESSAGES BUT... After reading this entire article and the explanations given by Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, I don't get a "phew, there really WASN'T any bias at the FBI" sense of calm.  Read it for yourself and you decide.  I am inclined to believe that this report IS more damaging than many on the left are willing to admit, based simply on the complete media silence on the issue from most of the usual suspects.  In a totally stunning development, I agree with Sen. Lindsey Graham's take on this.

Senator Ben Sasse asks some very interesting questions about if any of the Hillary's staff were a target of investigation.  You really need to watch this.


ACTOR CHRIS PRATT GIVES GOD BIG PRAISE Even though in this article about Chris Pratt's Nine Rules you sort of get the impression the author doesn't realize Grace is with a capital G because it's given by God.  It's nice that this actor doesn't shy away from discussing such things.  And gives great advice at how to poop at parties too.  It's also nice he gave this as a speech at the MTV Movie Awards show.  

GAMING DISORDER IS A THING NOW AND HERE'S WHAT PARENTS SHOULD LOOK FOR If you're worried about your kid because they do nothing but spend time playing video games, you maybe should be.  Here are the things to look for if you're worried. 

TALK ABOUT A HORRIBLE WAY TO GO How about getting crushed to death by your own mother's coffin?  It happened in Indonesia.  There's a video of the accident in that link, so you've been warned.

DRINK UP, PEEPS, YOUR HEART NEEDS TO TOUGHEN UP It's not all sunshine and roses though, because moderate drinking helps your heart by having the same reaction to alcohol that it has to blood flow interruption.  Which is a heart attack.  But hey, have that wine and know your heart will be tougher for it!  

MOST OF US HAVE QUIT SMOKING, HAVE YOU? Smoking levels according to the CDC are at ALL TIME LOWS in the modern era.  Just 13.9% of Americans admit they light up.  Don't be part of the health problems in the future, quit now!  If you still smoke, I've got hypnosis cds from my friend Rich Guzzi that can help you quit.  Email me at mandy@koanewsradio.com to get one.

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