Jonah Goldberg's new book is a MUST read.

I AM STOKED TO HAVE JONAH GOLDBERG ON TODAY Because his new book The Suicide of the West is the best book I've read in 30 years.  It is my great hope that teachers will begin to use this as a textbook in college.  It's THAT good.  Jonah joins me today at 2pm to discuss.  But the book here.

NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU WANT BORDER SECURITY, THIS IS NOT GOOD I'm not sure how this plays out, but I would expect with this kind of negative press it will put more pressure on Congress to act quickly to end the practice of removing children from their law breaking parents.  People are outraged and if you look at social media, you know what I'm talking about.  I posted this Rich Lowry piece on my personal page and was accused of "defending" the practice.  Explaining it while still not liking it is not the same as defending.  We have some significant issues with our laws pertaining to this subject and Congress has the power to fix them.  We'll see what they get done. 

YOU WANT CYBERWAR?  YOU'VE GOT IT NOW. The US Military has changed the way they do cyberwarfare from that of a defensive posture to something more aggressive.  I sure hope every person who is out there crying about how Russia tried to interfere in our election is cheering this move.  Now we don't merely wait until we've been attacked, now we try to actively disrupt systems we deem a problem.  This is a big change and one that I'm thinking may be overdue.  

IS IT TIME TO BREAK UP GOOGLE?  The government did it to Ma Bell when the phone company's monopoly became impossible to ignore.  Google spend more money lobbying Congress than any other single company. It controls 90% of the web searching that goes on WORLDWIDE.  And it's already been fined in Europe for promoting it's own products over similar products by other companies.  Is it time to break up the Google monopoly?  This column makes a darn good case for it.  Although if you look at the article I linked in the beginning of this column you see that the "breakup" of AT&T just lead to the eventual re consolidation of phone companies so now we have three again.  There are however OTHER phone options that aren't part of that chart.  

FORGET THE CHINA, WEDDINGS NOW HAVE CHARITY REGISTRIES And I love this.  I wish I had thought of this when Chuck and I got married.  Harry and Meghan are doing what many millenials are doing, which is eschewing traditional gift registries in favor of charity registries.  One could argue that Harry and Meghan have quite enough.  But with the rise of cohabitation FIRST, it doesn't really make sense to give the sorts of "setting up the household" gifts of yesterday.  I think this is lovely.   


NOW THE QUESTIONS THAT USED TO BE FORBIDDEN ARE NOW FRONT AND CENTER Remember when you couldn't ask someone their sexual preference in a job interview because it may be used against them?  That's SO 2000 late.  Now Penguin Random House Books, who one would think might care about quality over such matters, is jumping right into identity politics whole hog.  Rather than search for the best editors or whatever, they are more concerned about virtue signaling and making sure their staff is exactly representative of the British population as a whole.  None of which automatically lends itself to finding great authors and making great books.  But I'm sure they know what they are doing.  I'm sure. 

DID YOU MISS THE COVERAGE OF THE LATEST MASS SHOOTING?  You are forgiven if you did, it didn't get much play in the media.  Why?  Because the victims were black and the perpetrators were thugs and hoodlums who weren't allowed to legally own guns in the first place.  It doesn't suit the narrative, so it just didn't get covered.  How is this not racist?  Children were shot.  A person was killed.  And it just doesn't matter because it doesn't help drive a political agenda.  This is shameful. 

THERE IS A NEW WORRY ABOUT SCREEN TIME AND IT'S YOU Namely parents using phones and simply ignoring their kids.  I saw it yesterday at breakfast as an obviously divorced dad sat at breakfast looking at his phone while his daughter sat silently eating next to him.  Put down your phone.  It's really that simple.  (I say this as one who is working very hard to just put down my phone when spending time with my daughter, so I'm not judging.)

THE REAL STORY OF THE MOVIE TAG IS JUST WONDERFUL The movie Tag shows the story of a 30 year game of tag among friends.  It's based on the real life story of a group of guys who have had an ongoing game of tag, and it's just a really lovely tale.  Read about it here

MILLENIALS AREN'T GOOD TIPPERS And they don't seem to make the connection between tipping and great service either according to this survey.  They tip less on average, are more likely to NOT leave a tip and say they would pay more for food to avoid tipping.  Then go to Chipotle and call it a day.  To be fair, as my income has risen so has my tipping, but I've always tipped well because I used to live on tips.  

DON'T TAKE AWAY MY DONUTS AT WORK Food at work could be making you fat.  This new study says that when food shows up at the office, it's likely not veggies and fruits.  Office workers eat an extra 1200 calories per WEEK according to this study.  We have treats every now and then, but certainly not to this level.  How much junk do you eat at work that you wouldn't normally eat?  


FOOD STAMP ROLLS ARE SHRINKING And it's because of a stronger economy and aggressive enforcement of fraud.  So I expect that we will see stories about people starving in the US in 3...2...1...

WHY ARE FOREIGN COUNTRIES NOT BUYING OUR DEBT?  I put this in the same category is really rich people buying art to hedge against a recession. Foreign governments are buying less of our debt in the form of Treasury bonds.  Why?  Trade tensions and other geopolitical issues, but more importantly, we have too much of it and there is always the chance of default.  

AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT This guy just went around the country and did a dance he made up with 100 people.  And it's oddly enchanting. 


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