It's Comic Con Day! It's Comic Con Day!

THE INSPECTOR GENERAL'S REPORT IS OUT ON A VERY INCONVENIENT DAY FOR ME But I can assure you I'm going to get my hands on a copy and have more to say.  Here are a bunch of good links to interesting commentary here and here and here but as of now I'd like to get an answer to this question I have:

If the text messages between Strzok and Page weren't evidence of political bias why was Strzok removed from the case by Mueller in the first place?  What else did they know that gave them cause?

I'M AT COMIC CON TODAY AT BOOTH #913 So stop by and see me if you're coming down. I'd love to see your costumes because I don't have one this year. 

OMG XRAY VISION IS NOW A THING!  I've waited for this my entire life.  Of course the military gets it first, but as soon as humanly possible I'm getting this too.  I'm so not kidding right now.

REMEMBER WHEN WE WERE TOLD 2% GROWTH WAS "THE NEW NORMAL"? Well we're living in abnormal times then.  The Fed Bank of Atlanta revised Q2 GDP numbers up from 4.6% to 4.8% growth.  Huh.  I wonder how that happened. 

I WILL NEVER BE THIS DESPERATE TO BE THIN.  MAYBE. There are fitness classes in New York where people get shocked while they exercise.  Or something, I really didn't feel the need to reach much beyond the headline.  

I WANT TO WORK WHERE THEY ARE WORKING!  A shocking number of Americans have sex at work.  A whopping 14% of people surveyed said they had had sex AT WORK. And I don't even think they took the hooker population out of this.  And 34% of people who said they got busy with their bosses admitted they did it to get ahead at work.  


WE LOVE SARAH SANDERS And here is two videos why.  One you have to watch by clicking here.  

REPEAT AFTER ME: YOU CAN'T SUPPORT A FAMILY ON MINIMUM WAGE This breathless story on how NOWHERE can you rent a two bedroom apartment on minimum wage.  OF COURSE you CAN'T.  You're not supposed to.  The failure here isn't that the minimum wage is too low, it's that we haven't been telling people this isn't how they are supposed to do it.  

I THINK STADIUM PRICES HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH THIS When you charge insane prices to get in, and then insane prices for a beer and insane prices for a hot dog, don't be surprised when people stay home.  You can shear a sheep over and over again, but you can only skin it once.  Now the MLB is trying to figure out why people have stopped coming to games.  Well duh. 

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