We May Have a Small Show, but It Will Be Mighty!

JAMES COMEY BROKE WITH FBI PROTOCOL BUT NO ONE KNOWS WHY?  That is what the earliest leaks from the Conclusion from the Inspector General's report about the FBI's investigation into the Clinton email scandal.  The full report is being sent to Congress today and I fully expect Democrats to go on record four seconds later saying there is NOTHING in the report that anyone should pay attention to.  Look out for the word "nothingburger" to repeated endlessly.  The FBI says Comey didn't follow protocol but they can't find evidence of political motivations for that.  So what WAS the motivation?  No one seems to be leaking that one.   

CDOT'S MICHAEL LEWIS IS ON AT 3 TODAY Assuming baseball doesn't run too long, in which case we might reschedule him.

INTERNATIONAL SCORN WAS HEAPED ON A MAN BASED ON A LIE And this is where the internet is very, very dangerous.  The story broke last week about a horrible brute WHO BROKE A WOMAN'S ARM in a road rage incident.  The story went viral, and the internet declared this man a monster and the appropriate amount of internet bullying took place.  Only now we know the women LIED about it.  And they have a long history of lying about things and auto accidents.  And the man, who admitted from the get go to punching out their back window after these two broads pulled out in front of him in a dangerous fashion and continued to flip he and his wife off, has been cleared of the assault charges that made him internet infamous.  

HOCKEY PLAYERS MAKE OTHER PRO SPORT PLAYERS LOOK LIKE SISSIES I'm not a huge hockey fan, but when I hear that a hockey player got part of his pinky lopped off in the Stanley Cup Finals and just had the trainers re attach it so he could keep playing...SERIOUSLY???  Compare that to soccer players. 


BY THE WAY, WE COULD MAYBE POSSIBLY GET SOME WORLD CUP GAMES As much as I like to make fun of soccer (see above) in 1996 I lived in Orlando when the World Cup came to town.  I went to one game (I think Morocco vs Ireland but it's sort of hazy) and it was really, really fun.  Plus the influx of insanely passionate international soccer fans is really cool.  So here's hoping we get a game here just for that!

CORY GARDNER, UNLIKELY TRUMP TAMER?  That's what the LA Times is arguing in this piece about how Senator Cory Gardner used his power to hold up DoJ nominees to make Trump capitulate on pot.  And it worked.  It just seems odd that the LA Times would take note of this.  And by the way, hat's off to Senator Gardner, who has always been opposed to Amendment 64 personally, for fighting for the right of Coloradans to self determine on the issue!

I HATE GRAFFITI WITH THE FIRE OF A THOUSAND SUNS.  UNLESS IT'S DONE FOR COMEDY You can leave the volume off as it's just annoying club music.  


AS WE APPROACH FATHER'S DAY, LET'S TALK ABOUT FATHERHOOD More importantly, this article dispels five Myths about Fatherhood and some of them are quite interesting.  Read about it here. 

Mandy Connell


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