Michael Johnston and record tax collections!

MICHAEL JOHNSTON WANTS TO BE GOVERNOR He is on the Democratic primary ballot and he's joining me for one segment at 2, so listen up!

CONGRESSMAN KEN BUCK WANTS TO TALK IMMIGRATION As well as cancer and softball.  Those things are not euphemism so join me at 1:35 to hear the details.

LET'S EAT CHEESE AND CHOCOLATE AND HELP VETERANS! I love cheese, chocolate and veterans, so OF COURSE I'm going to the Veterans Appreciation Night at the Melting Pot to support my friends at Veterans Passport to Hope.  My good friend Dave Fingers and VP2H Executive Director Tony Drees are in at 3 to discuss it.  Buy your tickets HERE!  

HERE'S HOPING THE MILLENIALS MILLIONAIRE DREAMS COME TO FRUITION! I love this survey because it puts completely on display the hope and naivete of youth.  More than half of millenials surveyed believe they will be millionaires one day.  They also say they will start saving for retirement at 36 and retire at 56.  Oh precious.  I felt the exact same way.  And I am nowhere near retiring.  Good for you kids though.  Dream while you still can. 

SCORE ONE FOR AMAZON IN SEATTLE The Seattle City Council has repealed a new "head tax" on employees of companies with over $20 million in annual sales.  Amazon was NOT happy with the prospect of having to pay $275 dollars for every Seattle employee and threatened to move.  Seattle backed down.  The money was going to pay for more services for the homeless, which is ironic because if Amazon HAD moved there would be a lot more homeless people in Seattle.  Score one for capitalism.

DID YOU HEAR THE INTERVIEW ABOUT HOW TO PREP FOR A HOME DISASTER?  I spoke with an insurance guy who gave us all good advice about what to do BEFORE a fire or disaster.  I got this email last night:

Mandy, I have been a faithful listener since you took over for Mike. I tried to call in today during your segment on preparing for disaster as I have a fairly relevant perspective as 5 year s ago ours was one of the 480 some homes that was destroyed in the Black Forest fire. To practice full disclosure, I am  a financial advisor, dealing with insurance for people, and their wealth. That aside I am a consumer of property and casualty coverage. My wife and I purchased our property in 1993 and elected full coverage on our property with a company that included some coverage for the 5 acres of trees on our lot. The policy included a escalation of covered value over the years, and I felt like that was sufficient as the covered values eventually exceeded our purchase price by 2 times.


On June 11, 2013 I received a call from my wife that I better come home as there was a fire in the forest. With traffic congestion and road construction it took t least 20 minutes longer than usual for me to get home. By the time I arrived there was a DeVillian column of smoke just to the west of our cul de sac. I had to change out of my office attire and begin to assist the efforts my wife had begun 45 minute prior. We packed our suitcases with a few days clothes, loaded (3) dog crates and a few family generated art objects into two of our cars along with about half of our family photo albums. I had my wife take her digital camera and I took mine and we began to take pictures of every aspect of our home that we could, inside and outside, including outbuildings and the garage. She also had the presence of mind to grab the two back-up drives to our computers and throw them in.


It was eerie when at the same time both our cell phone and our home phones went off with reverse 911 warnings to evacuate immediately. We had to leave behind my restored vintage pickup, our camper, and my son’s ATVs  on a trailer that he parked on our property. We(I) never dreamed we would never see our home again.


I had left many family heirloom guns in my “fire-proof” gun safe, we had left many art objects in our house along with the photo albums of our children’s childhoods that we couldn't carry/fit into the two cars we drove out with.


We did take the files containing our house documents, some of our pet files, and some of our extended family trust records. I failed to take the files with car titles and that ended up costing us a little money.


In the end we received so much care from every quarter, as far away as Albuquerque, NM who helped us sift through ashes; our insurance adjuster was like a member of the family, and we spent over 70 hours reviewing the photos we took to inventory our belongings with specialists from our insurance company.


We now live in  beautifully rebuilt home, in the place we have come to love over 21 years, and the forest that was is healthier for the cataclysm that occurred 5 years ago. Many years from now, long after we are gone, it will have restored itself with the trees we enjoyed before the fire. In the meantime we enjoy killer views of the front range and wonderful sunsets we really couldn’t see before.


As I meet with my clients I exhort them to contact their home insurance agent and ask how much coverage they can buy. It is astounding what it costs to rebuild.

It would take over 150 years for my insurance company to recoup the money they laid out to us to rebuild. Catalogue what you have, videos, photos, whatever. Without  a record you can’t imagine how much “stuff” you have, and a lot of it is important to your family.


This has taken much longer to write than I could have shared with your guest today, but it is still relevant and I hope it is of interest to you. 

Keep up the great work, I love your show and your heart!


Wow!  Just wow.  Prepare so you aren't caught flat footed like Steve and his family were.  Wow.


WHY NOT BAN THE USE OF FOSSIL FUELS?  The DNC has quietly instituted a ban on donations from fossil fuels company.  Why not go whole hog and just ban the use of fossil fuels?  Travel by horse drawn carriage, give up your cell phone, etc.  You know why?  Because this about virtue signaling, not good policy.  

THIS IS ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE AND REPUBLICANS ARE TO BLAME The federal government collected a RECORD amount of income taxes in the first eight months of this fiscal year and are STILL running over a half a TRILLION dollar deficit.  Did you read that right?  Here is a handy graph of income tax receipts.

The Republican Party can no longer claim to be he party of fiscal responsibility.  Ever. Not like this.

SO GOSSIP IS GOOD NOW At least according to this article from The Atlantic.  It cites all sorts of studies showing that gossip has a positive impact in certain situations.  Seems like someone justs wants to feel better about gossiping to me. 

IF YOU KNOW THE STUPID KID WHO DEFACED OUR BEAUTY FOR A PROMPOSAL... Please have him turn himself in.  And can we please STOP with the "promposal"?  It's stupid and now it's defaced our natural beauty and I want it to stop.  We've so devalued marriage that we now have guys jumping through hoops to just ask girls to a stupid dance.  It's stupid.  Did I mention it's stupid?  

THERE ARE GENDER DIFFERENCES IN HOW WE TEACH OUR KIDS ABOUT MONEY And it goes right to the heart of risk taking.  Boys are told more often how to GROW money, while girls are told more often how to SAVE money.  Interesting, because I've been told there are no differences between men and women.  

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