Did you See My New Project?

I'VE GOT A REALLY BIG ANNOUNCEMENT TO MAKE RIGHT OUT THE CHUTE I have alluded to my side project a few times recently and today I'm going to tell you all about it.  You can find out more by clicking here

LET'S DO THE STATE OF THE MARKET WITH CHAD MADLOM As we are IN the real estate buying season I thought I'd have real estate pro and nice guy Chad Madlom on to talk about the market, if there are any bargains to be had, etc.  He's on at 2 and you can find Chad by clicking here

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER IS LEAVING US SOON And as he has his entire career he is doing so with grace and wisdom.  Krauthammer has been fighting cancer and his fight is over.  Read his poignant letter here

ANTHONY BOURDAIN IS DEAD In yet another suicide.  He battled his own demons his entire life and it seems they won.  I hope he's found peace. 

DON'T HARSH MY BUZZ, BRO The University of West Alabama has now outlawed "harsh" text messages.  How does one define "harsh"? No one knows apparently.  

HOW BAD IS YOUR SEX IF YOU'RE DOING THIS 10 percent of people ADMIT to checking their phones DURING sex.  You know if 10% admit it, more are doing it.  WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE and more importantly, WHO IS HAVING SEX WITH THEM??? 

I THINK WE SHOULD ALL THANK THE ENVIRONMENTAL MOVEMENT FOR THIS ONE You think you have environmental street cred?  Do you have children?  Well YOU are part of the problem!  These women in Britain have decided to not have children to save the planet.  Thanks, Al Gore! 

ORIGINAL RECIPE TOFURKEY ANYONE?  I'm not going to say for sure this is going to be disgusting, but I'm speculating that it will be.  If they roll this out in Denver I'm totally making Grant eat it. 


ONE LEAKER GOES DOWN And this is a good commentary on the reported arrest of a senior member of the Senate Intelligence committee staff who has been apparently leaking like a sieve to his girlfriend and then lied about it to his bosses.  

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