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TODAY IS A HODGE PODGE OF STORIES And I'm declaring a Free for All Thursday, so you can do the work.  But here's some stuff in the meantime...

THIS IS A REAL SNAKE HEAD BITES MAN STORY That is literal by the way.  A rattlesnake popped up in a backyard and the homeowner beheads it with a hoe.  When he went to clear the body away, the head bit him.  Read the whole thing here. 

THIS EXPLAINS TRUMP CRONYISM SO WELL. WHICH IS JUST LIKE ALL CRONYISM.  There is an upside to this particular story and that is a company violating trade rules was massively fined.  But read the details and it's a story of cronyism in DC.  This is why I am a small government person in a nutshell.  You want to take corruption out of politics take away the power.  

FREE RANGE PARENTING MEETS CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES.  FREE RANGERS ARE FIGHTING BACK.  I love the concept of free range parenting, but I'm still cautious with The Q.  Free range parents are now facing more than worry as they are running up against an increasingly interfering Child Protective Services Complex.  Read about it here

IF THIS IS TRUE I'M GOING TO LIVE FOREVER FOR SURE Scientists from not one but FIVE universities say walking faster will shave years off your life.  I am very fast walker.  Chuck says he wished I could have lead his ruck marches in the Army because they would have been over a lot quicker.  If this is true I actually AM the age on my driver's license.  

COUNTRY TIME LEMONADE SHOWS HOW TO USE THE NEWS TO SELL LEMONADE By "stepping up" to offer legal assistance and fine or permit payment for kids who want to open lemonade stands.  This is a pretty brilliant marketing move because I can't remember the last time I thought of Country time Lemonade.  They are piggy backing off the news story of the kids here in Denver who had their lemonade stand shut down by the cops.  

DID WE JUST FIND LIFE ON MARS?  Not actual ALIVE life, but the Mars Rover found organic matter in a dried up lake bed on Mars.  This is sort a big deal. 

WHEN YOU TAKE AWAY EVERYONE'S GUNS, VENEZUELA IS WHAT YOU GET Private gun ownership was banned in Venezuela in 2012.  Today they are the most corrupt and violent nation on the planet.  End of story.  

THE LIBERAL UTOPIA OF SEATTLE IS SICK OF LIBERAL UTOPIAN POLICIES At least when it comes to throwing more good citizen money after previous citizen money and getting no results.  Coming on the heels of a massive new head tax on every employee in companies with over $20 million a year in profits is a new poll that seems to show Seattelites are tired of being nickel and dimed to death and getting very little in terms of results.  This time it's homelessness and it's not pretty. 



SO CAN I BUY AN AIR HOG VEHICLE NOW?  This is really cool.  Harvard scientists (because when you put Harvard in front of scientist it makes it more official) have created a system to make fuel out of air.  You read that right, and the best part is it scrubs carbon out the air!  Everyone should be happy, amiright?  Not so fast. From The Atlantic article:

A team of scientists from Harvard University and the company Carbon Engineering announced on Thursday that they have found a method to cheaply and directly pull carbon-dioxide pollution out of the atmosphere.

If their technique is successfully implemented at scale, it could transform how humanity thinks about the problem of climate change. It could give people a decisive new tool in the race against a warming planet, but could also unsettle the issue’s delicate politics, making it all the harder for society to adapt.

We can't unsettle the politics to save the world now can we. 

IF YOU LOVE DOGS AND YOU LOVE TODDLERS, THIS IS MUST SEE TV A couple of parents couldn't figure out how their two-year-old escaped from her room at night.  She had two furry accomplices and this is without a doubt the sweetest Kid-Dog story you'll see all year.  


ILLINOIS IS THE CANARY IN THE COAL MINE ECONOMICALLY AND WE SHOULD PAY ATTENTION  Illinois would be better off bankrupt than where they are now.  This is no joke and every state in the Union would do well to NOT follow their example.  What's the problem? They run $15 billion dollar deficits and they can't print money. Their credit rating is now the lowest in the country, which means paying for that deficit spending is going to get very, very expensive.  

Mandy Connell


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