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YOU REALIZE HOW LITTLE YOU KNOW WHEN YOU GRADUATE FROM COLLEGE And it's funny because while you are IN college you feel like you know EVERYTHING.  I'll talk to author Mark Beal about his new book 101 Lessons They Never Taught You In High School About Going To College: Practical Advice For High Schoolers Crowdsourced From College Students and Recent Graduates . I'm interested to see how much I missed.  Although I'm guessing a lot, as I was a theater major.  Buy the book here! 

IF TRUMP PARDONS BLAGO I'M OFFICIALLY P-OED.  I realize that a President can pardon anyone he or she wants, but if President Trump wants to have any credibility about "The Swamp" he CAN NOT pardon Rod Blagojevich.  HE CAN NOT.  Blago wanted to use his position as Governor of Illinois to "sell" a US Senate appointment.  That is the most perfect example of corruption in government you can have.  He needs to serve his sentence in full.  Trump has ZERO credibility on Draining the Swamp if he pardons this man.  

IT'S BEGINNING TO LOOK LIKE JAMES COMEY HAS A LOT MORE SPLAININ' TO DO As leaks are beginning to come about the Department of Justice Inspector General's report, it looks like the upstanding and moral (his characterizations, certainly not mine) James Comey is not the saint he thinks he is.  So far the leaks show Comey "defied authority" at times during his tenure at the FBI.  This report may be quite interesting.  We'll see when it comes out in it's entirety. 

IF THIS IS TRUE, RUDI GIULIANI NEEDS TO KEEP HIS PIEHOLE SHUT ABOUT IT  Trump somethingorother Rudi Giuliani says Kim Jong Un begged for the upcoming summit on his "hands and knees".  If this is true, Rudi needs to shut up about it.  It's not helping.  

OH MY GOSH COULD MY JETSON INSPIRED DREAMS BE COMING TRUE?  A flying car was on display in Las Vegas and it's simply enough that pretty much any idiot can drive it.  Which means I'm in!  Although much like driverless technology I'm willing to sit back and allow someone else to work the kinks out. 

WANT TO HAVE GREAT SEX?  GET A GREAT NIGHT'S SLEEP And this makes perfect sense to me as when we are well rested, we're better at everything.  Now a new study has shown that people who sleep a full eight hours a night have more orgasmic sex.  Perhaps you're ready to go to Innomax now? 

A GIRL WHO LIED ABOUT RAPE HAS ACCEPTED A PLEA DEAL A college student at Sacred Heart University has accepted a plea deal which has her headed to jail for one year.  She avoided a felony conviction by taking the deal.  I am actually happy prosecutors are starting to hold lying women accountable.  Lying women who lie about rape make it harder for women WHO HAVE ACTUALLY BEEN RAPED to be believed.  



I'VE NEVER WANTED ANYTHING AS MUCH AS I WANT A WEARABLE CHAIR However I may wait until they are cheaper than $830. 


HATS OFF TO THIS AMAZON DELIVERY GUY FOR FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS The instructions were to "Please Hide Packages from My Husband" which was emblazoned on a welcome mat outside a home.  The delivery man did as instructed, but was busted by the doorbell camera.  I just love this story.



SARAH SANDERS DON'T TAKE NO GUFF And reporter April Ryan found herself on the wrong end of the argument.


AND NOW, THE HOT-CRAZY MATRIX This is 100% accurate.

Mandy Connell


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