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LT. GOV. DONNA LYNNE WANTS TO BE GOVERNOR And she's got the cajones to come on the show to talk about why she thinks she's the right person for the job.  Find out more about Donna Lynne by clicking here

DR. GARY FROM DOWNTOWN'S HEALTHCARE JOINS ME AT 2PM We will talk about some of the latest in stem cell technology and how the field is advancing.  Find out more by clicking here

BARE KNUCKLE BOXING IS A THING NOW.  AGAIN.  Back in the day all boxing was of the bare knuckles variety.  No gloves, and guys got WRECKED in every match.  Now it's back and last weekend Dave partook of the first sanctioned bare knuckles matches.  This is a bridge too far for me.  I like boxing but I don't want to see a guy get his face split open with every punch.  Is this a sign that we are regressing as a society?  

MISS AMERICA JUST COMMITTED SUICIDE And I don't mean the woman who is currently Miss America, I mean the pageant itself.  In the face of declining ratings and the #metoo movement, the pageant has announced that it is NO LONGER a "pageant" but rather a competition.  Gone is the swimsuit competition.  Oh, and the evening gown competition.  Now we get to watch women have "interactive sessions" with the judges and wear an outfit which "empowers" them.  Sweet baby Jesus, this is a bad idea!

NOW THE WHOLE COUNTRY CAN BE LIKE STARBUCKS! As Howard Schulz, soon to be ex-CEO of Starbucks, it TOTALLY RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT.  He hasn't announced, but his resignation from Starbucks pretty much said so.  Now we can have a POTUS who makes everyone start a conversation on race!  Maybe he'll outlaw "bathrooms are for customers only" policies!  I am interested to see how Democrats who made fun of a "businessman with no experience" embrace this guy.  

WANT TO MAKE A MOVIE?  JUST REMAKE AN OLD MOVIE WITH AN ALL FEMALE CAST The gender swap remake is all over Hollywood these days and the latest is Oceans 8.  Surely there are good movies that aren't remakes for women out there.  Surely there must be.


THIS DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ STORY IS BIZARRE And it has to do with her former IT guy who has since been arrested for some stuff.  Her reaction to the investigation was just...weird.  Read the whole thing here.

THIS IS WHY YOU WRITE YOUR OWN OBITUARY An 80 year old woman died and her first two children, whom she deserted when they were young, wrote her obituary.  Let's just say they still aren't over being deserted to be raised by their grandparents.  Read it here.  Then write your own obituary.

GOOGLE IS FULL OF MORAL IDIOCY AND INGRATITUDE So says Dennis Prager in this scathing column taking the nerds at Google to task for not participating in the defense of our nation.  It's an interesting proposition when you realize that if we were attacked, this is the attitude that many young people might display when asked to step up and defend the nation. 

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