Ahhh, Short Week Friday....

IS A VACATION INTO BAD WEATHER REALLY A VACATION? Remarkably to many, it is.  I'll talk with Martin Reid of Tempest Tours about how his company plans vacations for people who WANT to hang out looking for tornadoes and stuff.  Book your crazy vacation here

THE WARRIOR GAMES WAS SUPPOSED TO START TODAY But it's been called because of high winds.  I'll talk to an athlete about it today! Get your tickets here!

WANT TO DONATE TO WILLIE B'S RIDE FOR KIDS TODAY?  Click this link and help some kid with mobility issues get moving! 

BUT I'M SURE THERE'S NO OTHER BIAS AT GOOGLE.  The California Republican Party's Google info box listed "Nazism" as part of their ideology. Nice, Google, I'm sure the nerds laughed super hard into their Mountain Dew over this one. 

A NEW BLOOD TEST CAN DETECT CANCER YEARS BEFORE YOU GET SICK This is really good news!  Some of the cancers the test will detect are also some of the deadliest, including pancreatic.  But is pancreatic cancer to deadly BECAUSE it's pancreatic or is it deadly because it's too far gone before you show any symptoms?  I guess we're going to find out.  

DID THEY AT LEAST GET FREE DRINKS?  A flight from the Netherlands to the Spanish island of Gran Canaria had to make an emergency landing because a man smelled so bad it was making people vomit on the plane.  Which I'm sure added an extra special something to already unbearable stench.  This isn't the first emergency landing this particular airline has made because of funky odors. They had to land earlier this year because a man wouldn't stop farting.  

TEACHER'S UNION DISPLAYS MOST SELF UNAWARENESS EVER In the form of a comment to Chalkbeat decrying the "outsize political influence" of a pro-reform Democrat group.  I'm sorry, what?  Is this real?  The stats are like this, union donated 14.1 million, other group donates $42,575.  Mmmkay.

CIVIL ASSET FORFEITURE IS PROFOUNDLY UNAMERICAN If you don't know how the government can seize the assets of an American citizen and just keep them while not filing any charges, please read this.  I don't understand why more people aren't outraged about this practice which happens EVERYWHERE in the US.  From the Washington Post story:

Albanian contractors often prefer dollars and euros over the local currency, Kazazi said. For those reasons, he said, many expatriates who return to visit Albania bring large amounts of cash with them.

On Oct. 24, Kazazi arrived at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport to begin the first leg of his journey, which would take him to Newark to connect with an international flight. He carried the cash in three counted and labeled bundles in his carry-on bag, he said, along with receipts from recent bank withdrawals and documentation pertaining to his family's property in Tirana, the Albanian capital.

According to a translated declaration that Kazazi provided to the court as part of the lawsuit, Transportation Security Administration employees discovered the cash in his bag during a routine security check and alerted Customs and Border Protection.

“They asked me some questions, which I could not understand as they spoke too quickly,” according to Kazazi's declaration. “I asked them for an interpreter and asked to call my family, but they denied my request.”

After that, they strip searched him, found nothing, but kept his money anyway.  This is a travesty.

AND NOW, TERRIFYING WATER SLIDES This all looks like one giant wedgie to me.

UNEMPLOYMENT IS AT 3.8% But I'm sure it's not because of anything Trump did.  More importantly wages are starting to tick up. Read the whole breakdown here.


DUDE, I ALMOST GOT KILLED BY THIS GUY!!!  I was on a side road and this guy almost killed me before he almost killed a bunch of other people and almost hit a truck with a horse trailer head on.  Glad that caught the jackass.

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