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A WOMAN WHO GAVE HER DOCTOR A BAD REVIEW ONLINE IS NOW BEING SUED And frankly, I'm surprised this hasn't happened more often.  A woman who says she was overcharged for services she didn't receive wrote about it online.  Now her doctor's office is suing for a million dollars.  In this case, I would report this guy to the medical board if I were her.  It does force one to think before posting a scathing review online.  Has anyone had a business fight back? 

YOU CAN ALSO SUE YOUR BOSS FOR FARTING TOO MUCH Yep, it's happening. A former car salesman in Texas is suing his former boss for "dutch ovening" the staff, pinching people's nipples and generally being an ahole.  You have to read this whole story

WILLIE B DOES NICE THINGS And he's on today at 1:35 to talk about helping kids with mobility issues.

MY GUEST IS COLLECTING YOUR LETTERS TO TRUMP!  Cece Ferrari is a trip.  She preaches personal responsibility and she thinks Trump is right for our time. Send a letter to Trump by clicking here!

WANT TO SEE THE REST OF THE STORY FROM THAT NEW JERSEY BEACH? The Wildwood Police Department has released the body cam footage of the events that lead to a woman being roughly subdued by police.  Surprise, surprise, the chick brought it on herself.  

THERE IS A LOT OF BAD LANGUAGE IN THIS! The tussle starts in earnest at about the 3:20 mark

IS IT BECAUSE THEY THINK THEY ARE GODS?  A new study shows that men with higher testosterone tend to be less religious.  I'm not sure this matters or why this was a study, but there you have it.

THIS PARDON IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO President Trump has pardoned Dinesh D'Souza who was prosecuted for giving too much to a political candidate, an act D'Souza has consistently maintained was an honest mistake.  This always felt like a political prosecution to me.  Now if Trump commutes the sentence of Rod Blogojevich I'm gonna be peeved.  

YES SPOUTING OFF ON FACEBOOK COULD GET YOU FIRED Even if you aren't Roseanne.  This article outlines the various ways your employer could cut you loose if you make the company look bad.  They embedded a really stupid tweet though, that says "there's a big difference between free speech and hate speech".  Except there really isn't. 


A LIBERAL CALLS IVANKA THE C-WORD AND NO ONE CARES There is a lot of hay being made about the double standard for conservatives who say dumb things and liberals who say dumb things.  Case in point, Samantha Bee said on her show no one watches that Ivanka Trump was a "feckless c---" in her monologue yesterday.  Why?  Because Ivanka posted a photo of herself and her son.  So she must be destroyed.  Luckily Ms. Bee will face no backlash at all.  Because she's on the right side, which is the Left.  Now she's apologized.  But so did Roseanne.  Which is worse?  

LET'S BRING CIVILITY BACK!  This column does a wonderful job of making solid, doable suggestions about how to elevate the civic dialogue in this country.  Some of you will read this and see the genius, whereas others of you will say, "but what about the OTHER SIDE??? THEY AREN'T CIVIL!" And you'd be right, but who cares?  Someone has to start acting like an adult.  

WHY ARE THE DEMOCRAT CANDIDATES FOR GOVERNOR NOT COMING ON MY SHOW? Of course I think it's because they are afraid of being asked questions they might not have a pat answer for, but this is ridiculous.  We'll get an update from Dave today, but here is the link to the lengthy interview with Colorado Public Radio that Jared Polis had time for if you're interested. 

THIS IS A VERY SWEET STORY BUT IT'S SAD IT'S NEWSWORTHY Did you see the video of the little boy helping an elderly woman go up stairs?  It's very sweet but why is it news?  Because it doesn't happen often enough, which is depressing. 

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