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WANT TO BE SKINNY?  EAT AT QUIET RESTAURANTS. This study I had on the blog yesterday is such a perfect example of our fear of embarrassment and peer pressure.   The study showed that when music was played loudly in a restaurant people ordered healthier food.  And it wasn't an insignificant number.  When the music was cranked up, people ordered unhealthy food 20% more than when the jams were kept a lower rate.  The author of the study says it's because loud music ups our adrenalin.  From the WaPo story:

Dipayan Biswas, a marketing professor at the University of South Florida, conducted the study at a cafe in Stockholm, where various genres of music were played on a loop at 55 decibels and 70 decibels at different times, for several days. When the music was louder, researchers found 20 percent more customers ordered something that was not good for them, compared to those who dined during the lower-volume times.

Softer music is calming, and louder music gets us amped up. “Volume is proven to directly impact heart rate and arousal,” according to the study. And it affects our decision-making, as well: In the soothing quiet of some gentle jazz, we have better self-control, and we make better decisions about which foods would be better for us. But in the excitement of loud rock music, we want meat and cheese on a bun, dammit, and some french fries on the side. Oh, and a beer . . . or three.

I'm sure that's at play here, but that's not all.  I think it's straight up fear of being judged for what you order.  Just go to lunch with a bunch of women and let the first one order a salad.  The rest WILL follow suit. I think people are afraid of other people overhearing their unhealthy orders and judging.  

NO WONDER WE ARE RAISING KIDS WITH NO WORK ETHIC Because when a mom tries to help her little boys develop one AND raise money for charity by having a lemonade stand the cops get called.  This story has happened all OVER the country.  If you are outraged by this, welcome to the Libertarian Party.  How do we expect kids to ever learn anything of value when the government has created barriers to entry for a freaking lemonade stand so high no one can get over them?  This is insane.  

THE US IS BACK ON TOP IN THE COMPETITIVENESS RANKINGS And if there were an honest and free unbiased press, they would give President Trump some credit.  But alas, there isn't so they won't.  Read the article here.

WE SUCK AT SPELLING RESUME BUT AT LEAST WE'RE NOT TEXAS According to this article, Coloradans Google how to spell the word "resume" the most.  But what I find the most stunning is that Texans keep Googling how to spell Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.  Who doesn't know how to spell that??? 

WHAT COMPOSER ARE YOU?  Dave sent me this and I'm Bach.  A misunderstood, unappreciated genius.  Sounds about right. Take the quiz here, and NO you don't have to give them your name and email address to get the results. 

THIS IS TOO LATE FOR MY FRIEND DAVID But I know he's smiling in Heaven.  President Trump has signed the "Right to Try" bill allowing terminally ill people to try experimental drugs.  This is HUGE.  And gives people who have no other options hope.  Plus scientists will be able to get incredibly valuable information about whether or not their drugs help at all.  This is a win-win.  

THINKING OF WRITING A BAD REVIEW ON YELP?  YOU MIGHT GET SUED. A doctor in New York has sued a woman for a million dollars for writing a bad review about his practice.  If she's telling the truth about her visit, she already knew this guy was super shady and therefore should not be surprised he's suing now.  

THIS STORY ABOUT PAT BOONE IS SERIOUSLY ADORABLE And I don't mean to be patronizing. It's just really cute to read Pat Boone talk about what happened when he was making his second movie and was told to kiss Shirley Jones.  He refused until he could talk to his wife.  From the Fox News article:

Levin laughed at Boone’s statement, but the actor was serious. He promptly went home to discuss the love scene with his wife, whom he had married in 1953.

“She said, ‘Look, if you’re going to do movies, I guess you’re going to be kissing,’” Boone remembered. “‘But promise me one thing. You won’t enjoy it.’ And I said, ‘I promise, I won’t.’”

I love this story and in the Age of Weinstein it has a special sweetness to it.  

THE NETWORKS IGNORE A ROCKET AND MORTAR STORM BY THE PALESTINIANS And this is my shocked face.  You want to know why stupid college students are completely ignorant of the realities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?  Because the mainstream media ignores Palestinians trying to murder Israelis.  

WE HAVE VIDEO OF THE STARBUCKS SENSITIVITY TRAINING Okay, not really, but it had to be close. Nice flair, Dale, nice flair.

WOULDN'T IT BE FUN TO ASK DEMS WHO THEY SIDE WITH ON THIS ONE?  Major Democratic Party supporters Planned Parenthood is blocking attempts by major Democratic party donor SEIU to unionize it's clinics in Colorado.  I'd love for someone to make it a project to go around and ask Democrats who they side with in this one!  You know, just for fun. 

NO ANTHEM YOU SAY?  WATCH THIS!  After it was announced that they National Anthem would NOT be sung at a softball tournament, the crowd took matters into it's own hands.

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